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Vero Beach FL, FL
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Sky/Weather Temp.
Vero Beach Municipal Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy877567W 729.98
Stuart, Witham Field Airport11:47 Showers in Vicinity907255SW 929.99
Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County Intl Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy907459SW 729.97
Melbourne International Airport11:53Partly Cloudy917254W 829.97
West Palm Beach, Palm Beach International Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy887668SW 629.98
Miami International Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy907663NA29.99
Orlando International Airport11:53A Few Clouds906645NW 529.99
Tampa International Airport11:53Partly Cloudy886954W 729.99
Orlando / Sanford Airport11:53Fair896850N 629.98
NASA Shuttle Landing Facility11:58Fair897460Vrbl 529.98
Daytona Beach International Airport11:53A Few Clouds906645NW 729.97
St. Augustine Airport11:58A Few Clouds916035W 1029.97
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
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