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Melbourne FL, FL
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Melbourne International Airport18:53Overcast735757NE 15 G 2430.24
Cocoa Beach / Patrick Air Force Base18:58Overcast726068NE 1630.24
NASA Shuttle Landing Facility18:58Mostly Cloudy685769NA30.25
Vero Beach Municipal Airport18:53Overcast715761NE 1830.22
Daytona Beach International Airport18:53Mostly Cloudy685768NE 1330.28
Orlando / Sanford Airport18:53Overcast655570N 830.27
Ocala Municipal Automatic Weather Observing18:50Fair614659NE 530.30
Leesburg International Airport18:53Fair625167NE 830.29
Tampa International Airport18:53Overcast695255NE 9 G 2330.25
Orlando International Airport18:53Mostly Cloudy675668N 1530.27
Orlando, Kissimmee Municipal Airport18:50Overcast665773N 830.27
Jacksonville International Airport18:56Fair524783N 630.35
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County Intl Airport18:53Overcast725861E 1630.21
West Palm Beach, Palm Beach International Airport18:53Overcast736474E 17 G 2830.18
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