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Lady Lake FL, FL
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Leesburg International Airport03:53Partly Cloudy747191SE 529.99
The Villages04:15NA7373100Calm29.89
Ocala Municipal Automatic Weather Observing04:15Fair727094Calm29.99
Orlando / Sanford Airport03:53Mostly Cloudy737194N 529.99
Orlando International Airport03:53Mostly Cloudy7272100SE 1029.97
Daytona Beach International Airport03:53Mostly Cloudy717096Calm29.98
St. Augustine Airport03:58Overcast747397Calm29.99
Jacksonville International Airport03:56Overcast7171100N 530.00
Gainesville Regional Airport03:53 Fog/Mist7171100N 629.99
Brooksville, Hernando County Airport03:53A Few Clouds727094Calm29.98
Tampa International Airport03:53Mostly Cloudy737090SE 629.97
Lakeland Regional04:15OvercastNANANASE 529.97
Melbourne International Airport03:53Mostly Cloudy747191NW 529.99
Vero Beach Municipal Airport03:53A Few Clouds727197Calm29.97
Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County Intl Airport03:53Fair727094NW 329.97
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