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Tallahassee FL, FL
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Tallahassee Regional Airport17:53A Few Clouds825438SW 16 G 2129.99
Bainbridge18:35Partly Cloudy796154SW 12 G 2229.97
Apalachicola17:53Fair756366W 1430.05
Perry-Foley Airport18:35Fair716374SW 12 G 2130.02
Cross City Airport17:53NA746267SW 12 G 2030.04
Marianna Municipal Airport17:53Fair796052SW 18 G 2629.97
Northwest Florida - Panama City International Airp17:53Fair746267SW 18 G 2430.01
Tyndall Air Force Base17:58Fair726683SW 1430.04
Dothan Airport17:53A Few Clouds795341SW 1329.99
Cairns Army Air Field / Ozark17:58Fair805137SW 1029.95
Albany, Southwest Georgia Regional Airport17:53Partly Cloudy805745SW 729.97
Moody Air Force Base17:58A Few Clouds786054SW 629.96
Valdosta Regional Airport17:53Fair786054Calm29.98
Hanchey Army Heliport (Fort Rucker)17:53Fair805339SW 829.95
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