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Russellville AR, AR
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Russellville Municipal Airport15:53Fair582731W 20 G 2830.05
Fayetteville, Drake Field15:53Mostly Cloudy492743NW 15 G 2330.10
Fort Smith Regional Airport15:53Fair572833W 1830.12
Harrison, Boone County Airport15:53Overcast482642NW 20 G 3130.05
Batesville Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting16:15Mostly Cloudy543447NW 12 G 1630.03
Mountain Home, Ozark Regional Airport15:53Overcast472848NW 12 G 2130.03
Jonesboro Municipal Airport15:53Fair473871W 14 G 2330.02
Little Rock, Adams Field15:53Partly Cloudy582832NW 10 G 2030.06
Hot Springs, Memorial Field Airport15:53Fair572732NW 14 G 2330.08
Mount Ida15:53Fair572732NW 13 G 2430.07
Texarkana Regional-Webb Field15:53Fair623334NW 1730.11
El Dorado, So. Arkansas Regional at Goodwin Field15:53Fair643230W 1430.08
Pine Bluff, Grider Field Airport15:53Fair593338NW 1030.06
Monticello Municipal Airport15:53Fair623232NW 12 G 2430.05
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