What is the Probability of a White Christmas? Find that Answer and Other Christmas Climatology Here...

Information about the last time there was a white Christmas and other bits of Christmas climatological information for the observing sites at Tulsa, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith can be found on our Christmas climatology webpages.

On any given year, what is the historical probability of seeing a White Christmas?  The following graphics from the National Climatic Data Center shows these probabilities for the entire country.

Probability of Seeing a White Christmas

A White Christmas, defined as at least 1" of snow depth on Christmas morning, just doesn't happen that often in eastern Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas, generally less than 5 percent of the time, except for locations near the Kansas and Missouri borders.  The last White Christmas occurred in 2012 in Fort Smith and 2009 in Tulsa and Fayetteville.  

Climatology of Seeing a White Christmas


Last updated: December 21, 2015

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