Web Page Changes Coming August 22nd

Changes are coming to the NWS Norman Enhanced Page

On Monday August 22nd, the information that you now see on our Enhanced Web Page will become available on our main front page (weather.gov/norman). We know that the information on the enhanced page is extremely valuable, and want you to know that you’ll still be able to get that same information – it will just look a little different and be on a different page.

Here are some questions and answers about the change:  

Q:        Are you going to stop doing Graphicasts?

A:        No. We will continue to produce Graphicasts just like we’ve been doing for years. The graphics will look the same and will provide the same kinds of information. The graphics are what make the enhanced page special, and those are not going away.

Q:        How will the new page be better than the enhanced page?

A:        The new page will feature some improvements over the old enhanced page…

                        - graphics organized with file folder-like tabs

                        - individual text captions for each image

                        - higher resolution/larger images

                        - graphics on main page ensures you’ll see important news headlines

                        - ability to include radar and satellite loops in graphics

Q:        What do I need to do to make sure I can still see the enhanced graphics?

A:        If you have bookmarked the enhanced page, or set it as your home page, you will want to change the bookmark  to point to weather.gov/norman. (We will automatically redirect you to the main page while we’re making the transition).

There will be a few rough spots as we make the transition, but we will be working hard to provide the same quality information you’ve come to expect from NWS Norman.

If you have questions or concerns, send us an email at sr-oun.webmaster@noaa.gov.

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