River Gages Threatened Due to Funding Shortages

Due to a funding shortfall with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, 20 river gages across Oklahoma may be closed or have a significant reduction in their capability to report data.  Nine of these threatened gages are located in western, central and southern Oklahoma, 5 of which are NWS River Forecast Points.  The National Weather Service (NWS) relies on the data from all available river gages to forecast how fast rivers are flowing and how high the water is expected to get.  These forecasts are vital for the NWS issuance of flood warnings at River Forecast Points across western, central and southern Oklahoma and western north Texas.  In addition, many of these river gages have a long data history that can help scientists, industry, and communities in accessing water resources, changes, and needs for the future.  

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is actively looking for cooperators to help fund these threatened gages.  For more information on becoming a cooperator, please contact:

Jason Lewis, Data Chief, USGS Oklahoma Water Science Center, at (405) 810-4404

Questions or concerns about the possible closure of these river gages can also be directed to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board at (405) 530-8800.

Threatened River Gages in Western, Central and Southern Oklahoma Include:

Other Threatened Gages in Oklahoma include:

Read about how the NWS uses River Gage data to make forecasts.

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