Ice & Snow Photos: Winter Storm of March 2-3 2014

A winter storm started pushing into Middle
Tennessee during the afternoon and evening
hours of March 2, 2014, and brought
with it a deluge of sleet, as well as
some freezing rain and snow.

Sleet accumulations turned out to be one
of the big travel hazards, with a report of
6 inches of sleet 2 miles northeast of
Clarksville, at 200 am on the morning of
March 3rd! Some roads became virtually
impassable over parts of Stewart and
Montgomery Counties.

Freezing rain accumulations of 1/4 to 1/2 inch
were common over much of northwestern
and north-central Middle Tennessee, bringing
down tree limbs in some areas and knocking out
power to a number of folks (most notably in
Dickson County).

Northwestern Middle Tennessee saw the
change-over first, and the photo below (shot
on the evening of the 2nd), shows the ice
accumulation along a deck railing in Clarksville.

Clarksville, TN, 03/02/14, 545 pm
[Photo Credit: Callie Johnson]

More photos from this event can be
found below, and provide a chronological
showcase of how this winter storm

Fort Campbell, KY (just north of Clarksville),
freezing rain & sleet, 03/02/14, 545pm

[Photo Credit: Jena Conley]

Sleet accumulation on a deck in Clarksville,
0302/14, 645 pm
[Photo Credit: Candice Ann Hunt]

Indian Mound
(Stewart County), Icing on trees, 630 pm

Clarksville, 1 inch of sleet, 03/02/14, 800 pm
[Photo Credit: NWS Storm Spotter]

Sleet covering the road and yards,
3/2/14, 830 pm
[Photo Credit: Judy Powell Wolf]

Downtown Clarksville, Sleet accumulations,  03/03/14, 1245 am
[Photo Credit: Michael McKelvey]

Clarksville, 4 inches of sleet, 100 am, 03/03/14
[Photo Credit: Patrick Schroeder]

White House (Robertson County), around an inch of sleet, 03/03/14, 230 am
[Photo Credit: Cameron Jourdon Fry]

Cottontown (Sumner County) 03/03/14  [Photo Credit: Matt Rosenboom]

Portland (Sumner County), 2 inches of sleet & snow.
03/03/14, 1030 am
[Photo Credit: Lloyd Dunn]

Cookeville (Putnam County), Icy trees, 03/03/14
[Photo Credit: Ross Binkley]

Mt. Leo (Warren County), where some of the lesser amounts
of sleet and ice were observed on the morning of March 3rd.

[Photo Credit: Julie Adams]

Then, after the sun came up on March 3rd, the impact
of the storm became more evident (especially over
northwestern and north-central Middle Tennessee):

Some experienced tree damage...

Central Dickson County, 03/03/14

Hillview Drive, Brentwood (Davidson County), 03/03/14
[Photo Credit: Scott Harris]

Madison (northern Davidson County), morning, 03/03/14
[Photo Credit: Aaron Turrill]

and many experienced slippery, sleet and snow
covered roads

Thompson Station (Williamson County), morning, 03/03/14
[Photo Credit: Bryan Watt]

I-840, near Thompson Station, morning, 03/03/14
[Photo Credit: Bryan Watt]

then there was also the peacefulness of snow & sleet in the
early light of dawn...

Fort Campbell Army Post (just north of Clarksville), early morning, 03/03/14
[Photo Credit: Jena Conley]

Kingston Springs (Cheatham County), 03/03/14 
[Photo Credit: Scotty Bishop]

and, finally, the kids--out of school--having a good ol' time
of it...

White House (Sumner County) 03/03/14

White House (Sumner County) 03/03/14

White House (Sumner County), 03/03/14

White House  (Sumner County) 03/03/14

White House (Sumner County), 03/03/14

We sincerely appreciate everyone who took the
time to send us photos of the winter storm as it
unfolded across Middle Tennessee. As you will find,
we often use your photos in our articles to
let others see what's going on with the weather in our
neck of the woods.

You scan share your photos with us via Facebook,
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