Daylight Saving Time Began Today!!

Spring Forward an Hour Today!!

We changed to Daylight Saving Time at 2:00 a.m. this morning.  Remember to adjust your clocks forward by one hour.


Midland NOAA Emergency Alert Weather RadioAll-Hazard NOAA Weather Radio

This would be a great time to change out the batteries in both your NOAA Weather Radio and your smoke detectors. Since it is recommended that this be done twice a year, go ahead and perform these hard-to-remember tasks whenever you change the time on your clocks. The time will change back to standard time on November 3rd.

A little bit of history...

We began observing Daylight Saving Time just after World War I, when it was decided that farmers could use the extra hour of daylight in the morning when they began their work. However, it was left up to individual states to enforce the time change. Roosevelt sought to end the confusion between states when he ordered a universal time change in 1942. It was put into place during this time in an attempt to save energy. But this was repealed in 1945 and remained that way until 1966 when it was finally set into motion permanently. It has been extended over the years and now lasts from the 2nd Sunday in March to the 1st Sunday in November. DST is currently being implemented by over 70 countries world wide.

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