February Begins on a Snowy Note


Sunrise on February 1st
dawned on a snowy
landscape across
much of Middle Tennesse

Snowfall amounts that fell Thursday night ranged
from a dusting in northwestern areas, around
Clarksville, to between 1/4 and 3/4 inch over
a broad swath west of the Cumberland Plateau, to
between 1 and 2 inches at a number of locations
along the Plateau itself. The highest snowfall amount
reported so far is 2.3 inches at Monteagle, in southeastern
Grundy County, although a 2" report from Wilder, in
southeastern Overton County, came in a close second.

Below are some photos taken by Ross Binkley, on Buck

Mountain, on the east side of Cookeville (elevation
approximately 1425 ft. Thanks for sending them in! Buck.
They're really beautiful.

Buck Mountain, just east of Cookeville, around midnight, 02/01/13 
[Photo Credit: Ross Binkley]

Buck Mountain, just east of Cookeville, 7am, 02/01/13
[Photo Credit: Ross Binkley]

The photo below shows a thin blanket of white (3/10")
on the ground in White House, along the Highland Rim
north of Nashville.


White House (Sumner County), 630 am, 02/01/13  
[Photo Credit: Massie]

As always, we are happy to receive weather
photos from across the Mid State. So, if
you have a photo or two to share of the
snowfall Thursday night, send them along to:


Remember to include your name (so you can
be given proper photo credit), along with
location and time of the photo.


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