Cumberland County EF2 Tornado

Date 2/29/2012 Time 4:30-4:35 PM
Counties Cumberland Classification Tornado
EF Rating EF2 Max Wind Speed 125
Path Length 6.2 Path Width 250 yards
Fatalities 2 Injuries 8

 An EF2 tornado with maximum wind speeds around 125 mph touched down along Castro-Pugh Road just north of Plateau Road in northern Cumberland County.  Intermittent damage continued to the east northeast for approximately 1 mile before the damage became continuous along Clear Creek Road. Hundreds of trees were uprooted and snapped and a home suffered roof damage in this area.

The tornado continued east northeast and reached EF2 intensity in the Rinnie community along Highway 127. A brick home slid off its foundation and was completely destroyed and another home lost its entire roof.  A double wide mobile home along hollow road was completely destroyed with debris tossed hundreds of yards.  At least a thousand trees were uprooted or snapped around this location.

The last evidence of damage was along Todd Road to the east of Highway 127.

Cumberland County Tornado Path



Below is a chart that explains what type of damage is associated with each ranking on the EF scale, including example photographs.

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