Enhanced Fire Danger This Afternoon




Relative humidities over much of Middle Tennessee this afternoon have dropped to levels that are significantly below those that were expected earlier today. At 2 pm...the relative humidity at Nashville and Crossville was 20% and 25%, respectively. For forestry officials, this produces what is known as "Borderline Red Flag Conditions"--which means the fire danger has become significantly enhanced due the combination of low humidity and gusty wind. 

While forestry officials keep watch over local timberlands and remain vigilent to this fire danger, all the rest of us need to do likewise-- and avoid doing anything that might contribute to the start of a wildfire.

For instance...

Properly extinquish all cigarettes. Do not throw smoldering butts from car windows, as this can easily lead to grass fires in the median or alongside the roadway (like the one shown in the picture above).

Do not conduct any outdoor burning...since sparks can be easily picked up by the wind.







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