Winter 2010-2011: A Pictorial Trip Down Memory Lane


Earlier this winter, it seemed like the bitter cold and
snow would never stop. Cold air outbreaks and 
snowstorms came with unusual regularity up 
through the early part of February.

Even before the calendar even said it was winter, the
cold air started pouring into the Mid State. Seventeen
out of the first twenty days of December saw below-
normal daily average temperatures...sometimes 
dropping to as much as
20 degrees or more below 

We even saw an unusual white Christmas. 

Although the days have now turned warm and 
...memories of the cold and snowy days
of earlier this winter are not so distant. 

When we sent out a request for snow pictures a 
few months ago many kind folks across the Mid
State responded and sent us their personal 
glimpses of Old Man Winter. We owe them a great 
debt of gratitude and we are sure their photos will
bring back, for you, memories of what things looked
like in your own backyard not so many weeks ago.

 So...join us for a little trip down Memory Lane, 
through the snowflakes of Winter 2010-2011:


December 12, 2010, White House, TN (Robertson County)

 (Photo Credit: Debbie Hinson, 2010)



December 14, 2010, near Livingston, TN (Overton County)

(Photo Credit: Tyler Allen, 2011)



Christmas Eve, 2010, White House, TN (Sumner County)


 (Photo Credit: Massie)



Christmas Day, 2010, Newsom Station, near Bellevue, TN (Davidson County)


 (Photo Credit: Dave Rosenberg, 2010)



January 10, 2011, Pulaski, TN (Giles County), 10-12 inches of snow

 (Photo Credit: Ricky Dodson, 2011)



January 10, 2011,  Cumberland Furnace, TN (Dickson County)


 (Photo Credit: J. Newton, 2011)



January 10, 2011,  Lebanon, TN (Wilson County) 


(Photo Credit: Don Trull, 2011)



January 11, 2011,  Fairview, TN (Williamson County) 


 (Photo Credit: Stacye Sullivan, 2011)



January 11, 2011,  Fairview, TN (Williamson County)

 (Photo Credit: Stacye Sullivan, 2011)



January 13, 2011,  Radnor Lake Area, TN (Davidson County)

(Photo Credit: Sam Peebles, 2011)



January 10, 2011,  Donelson, TN (Davidson County)

 (Photo Credit: Debbie Pounders, 2011)


January 10, 2011,  Murfreesboro, TN (Rutherford County)


(Photo Credit: Bill & Dawn Coleman, 2011)



 January 10, 2011, near Christiana, TN (Rutherford County)

 (Photo Credit: S. J. Fiene, 2011)



January 10, 2011,  Hendersonville, TN (Sumner County)

 (Photo Credit: Tommy Trachy, 2011)



 January 10, 2011,  Madison, TN (Davidson County)

 (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards, 2011)



 January 10, 2011,  just east of Brentwood, TN (southern Davidson Co.)


 (Photo Credit: Walt Jacques, 2011)



January 10, 2011, Linden, TN (Perry Co.)


(Photo Credit: Cody Warren)



January 10, 2011,  Murfreesboro, TN (Rutherford County)


 (Photo Credit: Justin Reed, 2011)



January 10, 2011,  Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN (Davidson County)


 (Photo Credit: Richard Cofer, 2011)



January 13, 2011,  Radnor Lake, TN (Davidson County)

 (Photo Credit: Sam Peebles, 2011)



 January 13, 2011,  Radnor Lake, TN (Davidson County)

 (Photo Credit: Sam Peebles, 2011)



January 26, 2011,  Dickson, TN (Dickson County)


(Photo Credit: Vicki Brown, 2011)




January 26, 2011,  Crieve Hall, Nashville, TN (Davidson County)

(Photo Credit: Chandler Harris, 2011)



January 26, 2011,  White House, TN (Sumner County), 2.7 inches of snow

 (Photo Credit: Massie, 2011)



January 26, 2011,  Cumberland Furnace, TN (Dickson County)


 (Photo Credit: J. Newton, 2011)


January 28, 2011,  Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN (Davidson County)


(Photo Credit: Richard Cofer, 2011)



February 11, 2011,  Clarksville, TN (Montgomery County) : 
The Effects of Ice Fog


 (Photo Credit: Angel Goike)

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