2010 Nashville Weather Review


Nashville Weather Review

 Bobby Boyd
National Weather Service
Nashville, Tennessee

January was the 18th coldest on record in Nashville and coldest since 2003.   The temperature averaged 3.8 degrees below normal for the month. One person in Nashville was killed by the cold weather.  The coldest temperature during the month was 8 degrees on the 10th.  Snowfall for the month totaled  4.8 inches which was above the 30 year normal for January of  3.9 inches.  Rainfall totaled 4.13 inches which was 0.16 inch above normal.

February was very cold in Nashville. The temperature averaged 6.9 degrees below normal.  It was the 12th coldest February on record in Nashville and the coldest since 1979.  Snowfall totaled 2.3 inches which was 1.1 inches below normal. Rainfall totaled 2.77 inches which was 0.92 inches below normal.  

March was the fourth month in a row of below normal temperatures.  The temperature averaged 1.4 degrees below normal.  There was not a freeze in Nashville after March 7th.  This was the earliest last freeze in the spring since March 5th 1927. The average date of the last freeze in the spring in Nashville is April 6th .  Snowfall for the month was only a trace. Rainfall totaled 3.52 inches which is 1.35 inches below normal.  

April was warm with the temperature averaging 4.3 degrees above normal. The high of 87 on the 5th tied the record for the date set previously in 1967 and back in1873. The high of 87 on the 6th also tied the record for the date set previously in 1967. Rainfall totaled 3.48 inches which is 0.45 inch below normal. On the 24th …2.82 inches of rain fell breaking the calendar day rainfall record set previously in 2000 with 2.39 inches.  

May was an extremely wet month. Rainfall totaled 16.43 inches…which was 11.36 inches above normal. This was not only a record for May but for any month since record keeping began in 1870. The temperature averaged 3.1 degrees above normal.  The high of 91 on the 23rd tied the record for the date set previously in 1970 and back in 1921.

Records broken at Nashville Airport by May’s Rainfall

·    6-hour Rainfall Record: 5.57 inches (May 2nd 2010)
(Old record 5.17 inches on September 13th 1979)

·    12-hour Rainfall Record: 7.20 inches (May 2nd 2010)

(Old record 6.37 inches on September 13th 1979)

·    24-hour Rainfall Record: 9.09 inches (May 1st-2nd 2010)

(Old record 6.68 inches on September 13th-14th 1979)

·    Calendar Day Rainfall Record: 6.32 inches May 1st 2010

(Old record 2.96 inches in 2009)

·    Calendar Day Rainfall Record: 7.25 inches May 2nd 2010

(Old record 1.69 inches in 1922)

·    2-day Rainfall Record: 13.57 inches (May 1st-2nd 2010)

(Old record 6.68 inches on September 13th-14th 1979)

·    Wettest May on Record: May 2010 with 16.43 inches

(Old record May 1983 with 11.04 inches)

·    Wettest Month on  Record: May 2010 with 16.43 inches

(Old record January 1937 with 14.75 inches)

·    Wettest Spring* on Record: Spring 2010 with 23.43 inches

(Old record Spring 1984 with 23.23 inches)

*March, April, May

The Cumberland River at Nashville reached a crest of 51.86 feet on May 3rd 2010. This was the highest crest since 53.9 feet on January 26th 1937. The highest crest ever recorded at Nashville is 58.5 feet in the pioneer days of 1793.

June was the 6th warmest on record and the warmest June since 1953. The temperature averaged 5.8 degrees above normal. A prolonged heat wave produced 21 days when the high temperature reached 90 degrees or above.  On average June will have 10 days of 90 degrees or above. The highest temperature was 96 degrees…reached on the 21st and 22nd.   June was also wetter than normal with 4.96 inches of rainfall for the month. This was 0.88 inches above normal.

July was the 10th warmest on record and the warmest since 1993.  The temperature averaged 3.3 degrees above normal. The highest temperature during the month was 98 degrees. There were 25 days in which the temperature reached or exceeded 90 degrees…including the last 14 consecutive days of the month. July was also a wet month…with 5.86 inches of rain. That’s 2.09 inches more than normal.  A calendar day rainfall record was broken on the 11th when 1.90 inches of rain fell. The previous record was 1.49 inches set back in 1885. An EF-1 tornado touched down in northern Davidson county  on July 26th  shortly after 7 pm CDT.  Damage occurred along Westchester Drive.  Twelve brick homes suffered heavy roof damage…including one which had a large section of the roof removed.

August was the 11th warmest on record. The temperature averaged 4.0 degrees above normal.  August 2010 began in the grips of the worst heat wave since August 2007. The highest temperature was 101 was the 11th warmest degrees on the 4th   which would be the hottest temperature for the entire summer.  There were 31 consecutive days of  90 degrees and above that started on July 18th and ended on August 17th.  The all-time record for consecutive days of 90 degrees and above is 34 days set in 2007. August was the 9th wettest month on record with 6.99 inches of rain.  This was 3.71 inches above normal.  This was the wettest August since 1976.  

September was warm and dry.  The temperature averaged 2.1 degrees above normal.  Rainfall totaled only 1.17 inches which was 2.42 inches below normal.  September 2010 was the 19th driest on record.

October was warm with near normal rainfall. The temperature averaged 1.5 degrees above normal. Rainfall totaled 2.49 inches which is 0.38 inch below normal.  The first freeze came on October 30th when the temperature fell to 31 degrees.

November was warm and wetter than normal. The temperature  averaged 1.6 degrees above normal. Nashville had its warmest Thanksgiving since 1991.  Rainfall totaled 5.41 inches which is 0.96 inch above normal.  Most of the month was dry…and nearly half the total occurred on the last 2 days. There was a trace of snow for the month and it fell on the 26th.

December was the 9th coldest on record and the coldest since 2000.  The temperature averaged 6.1 degrees below normal.  The lowest temperature for the month was 8 degrees on the 14th.  A lowest daily high record was set on the 13th when the high for the day was only 22 degrees. The previous record was 26 degrees set in 1962.  December was dry.  Rainfall totaled only 1.87 inches which is 2.67 inches below normal.  This was the driest December since 1985.   December snowfall totaled 4.5 inches. This was the most snowfall in the month of December since 13.2 inches fell in December 1963.  Measurable snow fell on Christmas in Nashville  for the first time since 1993.  Snowfall Christmas day totaled 1.1 inches. This was the 2nd most snow to fall on Christmas in Nashville and the most since 1969 when 2.7 inches fell.  

                                                                           Calendar year 2010

·    2010 was slightly above  normal in temperature with an average of  59.5 degrees which is 0.6 degrees above normal.  

·    2010 was the 7th consecutive year with the annual temperature above normal .  

·    The summer (June, July and August) of  2010 was the 3rd  hottest on record and the hottest since 1952.

·    The highest temperature was 101 degrees on August 4th.  

·    The coldest temperature was 8 degrees on January 10th and on December 14th.

·    Rainfall for 2010  totaled 59.08 inches which is 10.97 inch above normal.    

·    The spring (March, April and May) was the wettest spring on record with 23.43 inches.

·    Snowfall for the calendar year totaled 11.9 inches.

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