Arnold AFB Propulsion Wind Tunnel Facility

Arnold AFB in Tullahoma, TN contains a Propulsion Wind Tunnel Facility, complete with three wind tunnels.  Two of the wind tunnels are 16-foot tunnels (one transonic and one supersonic), and one 4-foot tunnel (transonic).  Inside of these wind tunnels is where the testing of large-scale aircraft models occurs.


This T-38 Northrup Talon supersonic jet trainer model was tested in the U.S. Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center's 16-ft transonic wind tunnel in 1958. The T-38 flew in 1959. (AEDC file photo)



NASA Research Engineer Melissa Carter inspects the Blended Wing Body concept test article during a model change before resumption of aerodynamic testing in AEDC's 16-ft transonic wind tunnel. (Photo by David Housch)



Dr. Rich Robert explains to a group of eighth graders how the 16-foot supersonic wind tunnel would work during a test. (Photo by Rick Goodfriend)


TVA Annual Meeting Group, standing in front of the wind tunnel facility, September 28, 2009. (Photo from Arnold AFB website)


Inside of the wind tunnel at Arnold AFB. (Photo from Arnold AFB website)


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For tour information, visit the Arnold AFB Tours website.

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