Unusually Cold Winter


Coldest Winter In 30 Years
Coldest February Since 1979

Bobby Boyd
National Weather Service
Nashville, Tennessee



Unusually Cold Winter

Photo Credit: Bobby Boyd


It's been unusually cold this winter across Middle Tennessee (coldest in 30 years) with all three winter months below normal in temperature at Nashville for the first time since the winter of 1977-1978. The temperature this winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) averaged 35.6 degrees making the meteorological winter of 2009-2010 the 11th coldest on record and the coldest since the winter of 1978-1979. The temperature this winter in Nashville averaged 4.0 degrees below normal. The coldest temperature this winter in Nashville was 8 degrees on January 10, 2010.

The months of December, January and February are considered the meteorological winter by most meteorologists and climatologists as opposed to the astronomical winter which begins with the winter solstice and ends with the vernal equinox.

Rainfall totaled 10.89 inches for the winter months which is 1.31 inches below normal. Snowfall for the winter months totaled 7.1 inches. While only a trace of snow fell in December 2009, January totaled 4.8 inches and February 2.3 inches. This has been the snowiest winter in the Nashville area since the winter of 2002-2003 when 15.1 inches fell. Average winter snowfall is 9.1 inches for the Nashville area.

Coldest Winters In Nashville
1.    1977-1978
2.    1962-1963
3.    1976-1977
4.    1917-1918
5.    1935-1936
6.    1904-1905
7.    1901-1902
8.    1885-1886
9.    1978-1979
10.  1963-1964

11.  2009-2010
12.  1894-1895

February 2010 ended 6.9 degrees below normal making it the 12th coldest February on record in Nashville and the coldest since 1979. The temperature reached 50 degrees only on 4 days during the month of February. This is the fewest 50 degree days since February 1978 when 50 degrees was reached only on 1 day during the month, which is the fewest ever in the month of February. The temperature reached 60 degrees only on 2 days in February of 2010. This is the fewest 60 degree days in February since 1978 when Nashville failed to reach the 60 degree mark for the only time in the month of February.

Rainfall during the month of February totaled 2.77 inches which was 0.92 inches below normal. Snowfall totaled 2.3 inches in February. Average snowfall in February is 3.4 inches.

Coldest Februarys on record.
1.   1978
2.   1899
3.   1895
4.   1905
5.   1958
6.   1902
7.   1947
8.   1968
9.   1885
10. 1979
11. 1963
12. 2010

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