Climate Summary for NE FL & SE GA: 2013 ends with Warm December

A much warmer than normal December 2013 ended a year that featured generally near normal annual temperature and precipitation values across most of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. December 2013 will be remembered for average temperatures that were 4 to 5 degrees above normal, with several afternoons featuring highs well into the lower to middle 80s. All-time monthly high temperature records were tied at Jacksonville, FL and Alma, GA with highs of 84 and 83 degrees, respectively. Several daily high temperatures were broken and December 22nd turned out to be the second warmest December day on record as overnight low temperatures only fell into the upper 60s before rising into lower to middle 80s that afternoon. The rainfall pattern across Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia varied quite a bit as several fronts pushed across the forecast area, one of which stalled across Northeast Florida during the middle of the month with 4 to 8 inch values across portions of Alachua, Marion and Putnam counties. This was the same front that spawned an EF1 rated tornado the evening of December 14th that tracked across the Palm Coast community of Flagler County, which damaged over 100 homes.

The following image shows Total Precipitation Amounts for SE GA & NE FL for the month of December...

Jacksonville, FL (JAX): December, 2013 Monthly Observed Precipitation Valid at 1/1/2014 1200 UTC - Created 1/1/14 23:38 UTC

The following image shows the Monthly Percent of Normal Precipitation for December 2013, and the two streaks of above normal precipitation can be seen. One across SE GA and one across NE FL...

Jacksonville, FL (JAX): December, 2013 Monthly Percent of Normal Precipitation Valid at 1/1/2014 1200 UTC - Created 1/1/14 23:42 UTC


2013 will be remembered for the lack of tropical cyclone activity, along with the downturn in widepspread severe weather events during the summertime months. Although it is interesting to note that all of the Northeast Florida Coastal Counties along the Interstate 95 corridor did experience isolated tornado activity this year...

May 4th - St Johns County - Elkton, FL tornado (rated EF0)

June 6th - Tropical Storm Andrea spawned two waterspouts that came onshore as tornadoes from the Atlantic Ocean into NAS Mayport and Fernandina Beach, FL (rated EF1)

August 1st - Duval County - Jacksonville - Arlington community tornado (rated EF1)

December 14th - Flagler County - Palm Coast, FL tornado (rated EF1)

Overall the temperatures for the year averaged near normal, as did the precipitation totals with most areas receiving between 40-60 inches (most locations average around 50 inches). In the image below there are some locations that received 60 to 70 inches of rainfall (about 10-20 inches above normal), which are denoted in the light/dark GREEN areas. These were mainly across SE GA near the Altamaha River Basin, and stretching down the Suwannee River Basin into NE FL, and along and just west of the Interstate 75 corridor into western Marion county. Also, even though at the Jacksonville International Airport on the northside of the metro area, 2013 rainfall totals were 45.22 inches (7.17 inches below normal), the image below shows that the southside of the Jacksonville metro area, including northern St Johns County, and the Orange Park vicinity received totals in the 60 to 70 inch range as well.

Jacksonville, FL (JAX): Full Year 2013 Percent of Normal Precipitation Valid at 1/1/2014 1200 UTC - Created 1/1/14 23:46 UTC

Jacksonville, FL (JAX): Full Year 2013 Departure from Normal Precipitation Valid at 1/1/2014 1200 UTC - Created 1/1/14 23:45 UTC


Dec 2013 Climate Data Average Temp (Rank) Monthly High Monthly Low Total Precip Daily Max Pcpn Highest Wind Gust
Jacksonville, FL (JAX) 59.9F (+4.7F) 25th Warmest 84F on 9th,22nd 33F on 19th 0.86" (-1.94") 0.36" on 14th 32 mph on 14th
Gainesville, FL (GNV) 61.0F (+4.9F) 11th Warmest 84F on 6th,21st 32F on 19th 3.79" (+1.31") 1.39" on 14th 34 mph on 15th
Alma, GA (AMG) 56.5F (+3.9F) 8th Warmest 83F on 5th 30F on 19th 2.83" (-0.46") 1.06" on 10th 31 mph on 10th
St. Simons Isld, GA (SSI) 57.9F (+3.8F) 11th Warmest 80F on 23rd 37F on 19th 1.88" (-0.76") 0.64" on 14th 33 mph on 25th

2013 Annual Climate Data Average Temp Annual High Annual Low Days >= 90F (Normal) Days <= 32F (Normal) 2013 Total Precip Days >=0.01" (Normal) Days >= 1" (Normal) Daily Max Highest Wind Gust
Jacksonville, FL (JAX) 68.9 F (+0.3F) 96 F on 6/13 24 F on 2/18 55 days (73.2 days) 8 days   (15.6 days) 45.22" (-7.17") 119 days (113.5 days) 12 days (15.6 days) 3.20" on 2/25 53 mph on 8/31
Gainesville, FL (GNV) 70.1 F (+1.2 F) 96 F on 8/12 24 F on 2/18 90 days (72.7 days) 11 days  (14.4 days) 47.08" (-0.33") 110 days (114.4 days) 18 days (13.5 days) 3.55" on 7/31 49 mph on 2/26
Alma, GA (AMG) 66.8 F (-0.4 F) 96 F on 6/12 25 F on 2/2 72 days (76.7 days) 17 days (21.6 days) 52.47" (+5.82") 117 days (106.2 days) 14 days (13.5 days) 2.66" on 8/15 47 mph on 6/26
St. Simons Isld, GA (SSI) 68.5 F (+0.4 F) 96 F on 8/13 30 F on 2/18 25 days (40.9 days) 3 days     (9.3 days) 52.05" (+7.05") 117 days (100.6 days) 19 days (13.3 days) 2.88" on 9/24 43 mph on 7/22

Other selected 2013 rainfall totals...

Northeast Florida...

Craig Field (Jacksonville) 49.21"     Lake City (2E) 56.76"     Fernandina Beach 65.05"    

Hastings (4NE) 60.38"    Federal Point 57.91"     High Springs 59.22"     Starke 45.09"   

Jacksonville Beach 60.05"     Glen St. Mary 51.13"    St. Augustine Lighthouse 45.79"

Ocala 55.36"    Jasper 61.68"     White Springs (7N) 59.03"     Crescent City 50.79" 

Southeast Georgia...

Brunswick 42.58"     Douglas 51.97"     Homerville 52.30"     Patterson 55.94"    

Waycross 67.88"     Fargo (17NE) 52.64"     Nahunta (6NE) 58.49"


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