2nd coolest spring season on record at Jacksonville, FL & Alma, GA

May 2013 continued the trend of cooler than normal temperatures this spring (March, April, May). Many locations not only recorded one of the coolest May's on record but also one of the coolest spring season's on record. Spring precipitation totals ended up near normal after a wetter than normal May at most climate locations. The spring season started off with very cold conditions in early March, which actually brought snow flurries to portions of Southeast Georgia on March 3rd, along with several mornings of sub-freezing temperatures. March remained generally colder and drier than normal, and was the coldest on record in Jacksonville. The month of April re-bounded to slightly above normal temperatures and near normal precipitation. The spring of 2013 was very different than previous years where summer temperatures of 90+F started in early April from 2010 through 2012, but many locations did not reach 90 degrees until later in May this year, with Jacksonville only reaching 90 degrees one time this spring, versus 10 or more days at Jacksonville the past 3 spring seasons.

A few northeast wind and rain events occurred during the month of May and this led to above normal rainfall across the region with most coastal locations receiving 3 to 6 inches, although several locations in the Jacksonville Metro Area received up to 6 to 12 inches, with isolated 12 to 15 inch rainfall totals in St Johns County. Much further inland across the Suwannee River Valley, away from the impacts of the coastal rainfall, dry conditions prevailed with May rainfall totals around an inch or less. The image below shows the total rainfall for the month of May across the forecast area...

 Jacksonville, FL (JAX): Current 30-Day Observed Precipitation Valid at 6/1/2013 1200 UTC - Created 6/1/13 19:03 UTC

The following image below shows the total spring season rainfall departures from Normal (inches). Usually the spring months are drier with 3 month rainfall totals of around 8 to 10 inches, but as you can see below rainfall departures of 6 to 12 inches above normal can be seen across coastal Northeast Florida, and 2 to 4 inches above normal across Southeast Georgia, while areas across inland Northeast Florida along the I-75 corridor ended up with 2 to 4 inches below normal in some locations.

Jacksonville, FL (JAX): Current 90-Day Departure from Normal Precipitation Valid at 6/1/2013 1200 UTC - Created 6/1/13 19:36 UTC

Table for climate data for May 2013...

May 2013 Climate Data Average Temperature Monthly High Monthly Low Precipitation Daily Max Precip
Jacksonville, FL 71.5 F (-2.6F) 3rd coolest on record 90F on 23rd 47F on 14th 5.39" (+2.91") 1.55" on 2nd
Gainesville, FL 72.5 F (-2.2F) 6th  coolest on record
91F on 23rd
45F on 14th
4.57" (+2.09")
1.79" on 3rd
Alma, GA 70.6 F (-3.1F) 2nd coolest on record
90F on 29th
45F on 14th
3.02" (+0.55")
1.46" on 5th
St. Simons Island, GA 73.0 F (-1.5F) 16th coolest on record
88F on 24th
54F on 8th
3.40" (+1.54")
2.24" on 5th

Table for climate data for Spring 2013 (March, April, May)...

Spring 2013 Climate Data Average Temperature Precipitation Rainy Days (Normal) Max Wind Gust T-storm days Days with Fog(Vis <=5SM) / Dense Fog (Vis<=1/4SM) Days >= 90F (Normal) Days <= 32F (Normal) Greatest 24hr rain total
Jacksonville, FL 64.8 F (-2.8F) 2nd coolest All-time 11.52" (+2.45") 26 days (20 days) 49mph on 3/24 14 days 49 days / 6 days 1 day (8) 2 days (1) 2.31"
Gainesville, FL 66.1 F (-2.1F) 4th coolest All-time 9.03" (-0.45") 26 days (20 days) 36mph on 4/29 8 days 48 days / 10 days 8 days (9) 5 days (1) 2.87"
Alma, GA 63.0 F (-3.7F) 2nd coolest All-time 8.55" (-1.48") 24 days (22 days) 39mph on 4/19 15 days 61 days / 14 days 1 day (7) 4 days (1) 1.54"
St. Simons Island, GA 64.9 F (-2.2F) 7th coolest All-time 8.31" (+0.08") 27 days (19 days) 41 mph on 4/19 11 days 34 days / 3 days 0 days (3) 0 days (0) 2.35"

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) forecast for June 2013 is calling for equal chances of above, below or near normal temperatures, and greater chances of above normal rainfall. The CPC forecast for the Summer of 2013 (June, July, August)  is calling for greater chances of above normal temperatures, and equal chance of above, below or near normal precipitation amounts.



64.3F 1983       65.4F 1993      62.8F 1960      63.5F 1960 
64.8F 2013***    65.8F 1992      63.0F 2013***   63.8F 1993 
64.9F 2005       66.0F 1931      63.2F 2005      64.1F 1992 
65.1F 1971       66.1F 2013***   64.0F 1971      64.6F 1958/1969/2005 
65.5F 1993       66.4F 1987      64.1F 1983      64.9F 2013***  
Jason Hess (jason.hess@noaa.gov)
Climate Focal Point, NWS JAX

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