March/April 2013 Climate Summary:Cooler than Normal

One of the coldest March's on record was followed up by an April that featured near normal temperatures and slightly above normal precipitation amounts. The spring months so far have been ranked in the Top 10 coolest on record at all climate sites. Jacksonville and Alma have actually had their Top 3 coolest March/April on record, the coolest since 1996 in Jacksonville and the coolest since 1960 in Alma, GA. Several fronts and low pressure systems have continued to bring plentiful rainfall to the region. Rainfall amounts have been enough to suppress the short-term fire danger, but not too excessive to create river flooding problems. The image below shows the last 60 days of rainfall displayed as percent of normal. Much of the region along the I-10 corridor of North Florida and into interior Southeast Georgia is showing near normal to slightly above normal preciptiation over the past 2 months. Drier than normal areas still linger along the Southeast Georgia Coast and across North Florida south of a line from Gainesville to St Augustine.

 Jacksonville, FL (JAX): Current 60-Day Percent of Normal Precipitation Valid at 5/1/2013 1200 UTC - Created 5/1/13 19:26 UTC


The current forecast for the month of May from the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) is calling for equal chances of above, below and near normal temperatures. While greater than normal chances for above normal precipitation will exist across the forecast area during the month of May. This forecast can be viewed here.

Jason Hess - Climate Focal Point

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The tables below contain the climate details for March and April...

March 2013 Climate Data Average Temperature Monthly High Monthly Low Precipitation Daily Max Precip
Jacksonville, FL 55.4 F (-6.3F) Tied for coldest on record 85F on 24th 29F on 4th 3.07" (-0.88") 2.31" on 23rd
Gainesville, FL 56.3 F (-6.0F) 2nd coldest on record 83F on 24th 27F on 4th 0.98" (-3.35") 0.30" on 24th
Alma, GA 53.0 F (-7.2F) 2nd coldest on record 80F on 24th 27F on 4th 2.29" (-2.46") 0.99" on 23rd
St Simons Island, GA
55.0 F (-5.3F) 3rd coldest on record 84F on 24th 34F on 4th 2.11" (-1.77") 1.20" on 23rd


April 2013 Climate Data Average Temperature Monthly High Monthly Low Precipitation Daily Max Precip
Jacksonville, FL 67.7 F (+0.7F) 89F on 12th,19th 45F on 6th 3.06" (+0.42") 0.64" on 22nd
Gainesville, FL 69.6 F (+2.0F) 90F on 11th 46F on 6th 3.48" (+0.81") 1.73" on 14th
Alma, GA 65.4 F (-0.8F) 87F on 11th,19th 39F on 6th 3.24" (+0.43") 1.29" on 14th
St Simons Island, GA 66.9 F (+0.4F) 89F on 12th 48F on 6th 2.80" (+0.31") 0.49" on 20th

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