On This Day...Dec 25, 2000, 1975, 1926, 1879, 1841

On This Day...

December 25-27, 2000 Freezing rain affected most of the area north of Interstate 20 on the 25th-26th.  Up to four inches of ice was reported from Montague County east to Lamar County (as well as much of northeast Texas, southeast Oklahoma, and western Arkansas).  Sleet and snow occurred over much of North Texas the night of the 27th.  A small area of 4-8 inches fell over northern Hamilton, northwest Bosque, all of Erath, eastern Eastland, and western Palo Pinto.  A foot of snow closed Ranger Hill for three days.  Another band of 3-6 inches fell from northern Hill County into southern Dallas County, with 7 inches at Itasca


December 25, 1975 Snow fell before daybreak Christmas Day. Much of the snow melted as it fell, with a maximum accumulation of 0.4 inches at DFW Airport.


December 24-26, 1926 Between 1-2 inches were common over North Texas south of a line from San Angelo to Eastland to Sherman, and north of a line from Lampasas to Hillsboro to Sulphur Springs.  Six inches was reported at Dallas, McKinney, and Greenville.


December 24-25, 1879 There was an inch of sleet and snow on the ground on Christmas Day.  In one account, the sleet and snow was said to have been so compacted that a horse's hoof did not leave an imprint.


December 25, 1841 In the earliest record of a white Christmas in North Texas, soldiers were tracking a bear in 6 inches of snow in what is now Dallas.

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