May 10 Severe Weather Summary (Updated May 13)

Very strong winds and five tornadoes affected south Texas on Thursday, May 10, 2012. Storms started developing around 5am and continued throughout the day, ending over the Gulf of Mexico after midnight. Here are details of the damage surveys conducted from this event. 

Tornado 1:
San Patricio County - EF1  - Estimated winds 90-100 mph

Location: 2mi West of Taft to 4mi Northeast of Taft
Start time: 10:32 PM
Path Length: approximated 7.5 miles.
Path Width: 150 yards.

Tornado touched down 2 miles west of Taft along Highway 181. The tornado stuck and partially collapsed a grain elevator, crossed Hwy 181 knocking over a utility pole, caused tree damage, snapped 3 utility poles as it crossed County Road 73 about 1 mile north of Taft and then dissipated in a field after crossing FM 631.



Tornado 2:
Aransas County – EF0  - Estimated winds 70 mph

Location: 2mi Northeast of Holiday Beach
Start time: 11:17 PM
Path Length: approximated 1 mile.
Path Width: 50 yards.

Tornado crossed Highway 35 approximately 2 miles northeast of Holiday Beach, snapping one telephone pole.



Tornado 3:
Refugio County – EF0  - Estimated winds 75 mph

Location: 8 mi Southeast of Woodsboro
Start time: 10:52 PM
Path Length: approximated 3 miles.
Path Width: 200 yards.

Tornado touched down in an open farm field east of Levien Rd and traveled east crossing Gin Rd snapping 5 utility poles and blowing the roof off a shed. The tornado dissipated before crossing FM 136 north of Bayside.



Tornado 4: 
La Salle County – EF0  - Estimated winds 80 mph

Location: Near Woodward
Start time: 9:46 AM
Path Length: 10 miles.
Path Width: 75 yards.

Injuries: 2

Tornado touched down along FM 468 near Dimmit County line, flipped an 18 wheeler then proceeded northeast about 5 miles. Tornado then crossed FM 469 and struck an oil refracking flow back site flipping one RV trailer. Two people inside the RV trailer sustained serious injuries, both were released from the hospital the next day. The tornado proceeded northeast across open ranch land another 5 miles before dissipating.



Tornado 5: 
Nueces County – EF0  - Estimated winds 80 mph

Location: 2 mi West of Corpus Christi
Start time: 10:20 PM
Path Length: approximated 1 mile.
Path Width: 100 yards.

Tornado touched down in an open farm field 2 miles southeast of Corpus Christi International Airport, traveling southeast snapping utility poles in front of Clear Channel radio station. It then crossed Old Brownsville Road and destroyed a small RV trailer and damaged a metal building in an adjacent lot.



Straight line winds:
Calallen to Ingleside (Nueces and San Patricio Counties): Estimated 80 mph winds.

A large metal building was partially destroyed along highway 44 about 5 miles west of Robstown.  A  car wash near in Calallen was destroyed.  There was also damage at Oil Belt Park where several light poles were snapped and a fence blown down and a small wooden structure was blown apart. Bleachers were blown up against a fence. Numerous trees and large branches were down in the Calallen and Anaville areas. An 18 wheeler was flipped on I-37 near the Clarkwood interchange. Strong winds proceeded across Nueces Bay and caused utility pole and sign damage as they crossed the Hwy 181 causeway just south of Portland and into the Ingleside community.



Fulton (Aransas County): Estimated 70-80 mph winds.
Strong straightline winds stuck a narrow corridor in Fulton between FM 3036 and W Mesquite St causing widespread tree damage. A mobile home lost its roof and a metal storage building partially collapsed along FM 1781. An RV rolled on Circle Drive. Large tree damage was also observed all the way to Fulton Beach Rd.


Holiday Beach (Aransas County): Approximately 70-80 mph winds.

The roof was blown off one home which then impacted 2 other homes and caused extensive damage along Belaire Dr in Holiday Beach.



5mi East of Seadrift (Calhoun County):  Estimated 90 mph winds.
One mobile home destroyed and three recreational vehicles flipped on their sides. Four other RVs were blown off their blocks.


13 mi South of Inez (Victoria County): Estimated 60 mph winds.

One barn destroyed and part of the roof of an adjacent barn removed on FM 444, 13 miles south of Inez. corn crops also flattened.


Radar Loops

Coastal Bend Storms:




Entire Event

5:30am Thurday - 1:30am Friday



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