2012 Average Temperatures to Date - Warmest Year on Record in Albuquerque

Temperatures have been running well above average in New Mexico this year.  At the NCDC site, "Haywood Plots" are used to visually depict the cumulative year-to-date temperature for each year it has been reporting. For each year, a trace from left to right represents the average of all previous days during that year. Because of the relatively few days that go into the year-to-date average during January and February, the plots are often very noisy during these months. According to NCDC, "2012 temperatures have been so dramatically different that they establish a new "neighborhood" apart from the historical year-to-date temperatures."

The Haywood Plot below shows that for Albuquerque, average temperatures for 2012 are the warmest on record (81 years).  To view Haywood Plots for other locations, visit the NCDC site.

average temperatures for ABQ

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