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Service Area

The service area covered by this Operating Plan is the state of Tennessee, served by the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices at Morristown, TN (MRX), Nashville, TN (OHX), and Memphis, TN (MEG). For a map of the fire weather zones in Tennessee, click here.

The MRX forecast area covers much of east Tennessee and includes:

Fire weather zone name Zone number
East Tennessee District (East) 150
East Tennessee District (West) 200
Cumberland District (South) 300
Northern Cherokee National Forest 301
Southern Cherokee National Forest 302
Great Smoky Mountains National Park 303

The OHX forecast area covers much of middle Tennessee and includes:

Fire weather zone name Zone number
Cumberland District (North) 400
Highland Rim District (North) 501
Highland Rim District (South) 502

The MEG forecast area covers much of west Tennessee and includes:

Fire weather zone name Zone numbers
West Tennessee District (North) 1-4, 19-22, 51
West Tennessee District (South) 48-50, 52-55, 88-91

National Weather Service Headquarters

NWS Headquarters, located in Silver Springs, Maryland, establishes policies and coordinates the national fire weather program. The national program manager coordinates the program with the regional program managers. The national program manager also works with the national headquarters of the Federal forestry and other natural resource management agencies and the National Association of State Foresters (NASF) in determining overall requirements for meteorological support. The national program manager coordinates national training in forestry and fire weather for NWS forecasters.

National Weather Service Regional Headquarters

Regional Headquarters manage the technical operational aspects of the fire weather program within each region. They also provide guidance and assistance to meteorologists-in-charge (MIC) on program operations and developing issues through Supplements to the National Directives System (NDS) and conferences. Regional Headquarters advise National Headquarters on matters pertaining to technical planning and operations. The regional program managers coordinate the regions' fire weather programs and advise the Regional Directors on the operational and administrative aspects of the regions' programs. The program manager for NWS Southern Region is Paul Witsaman.

Weather Forecast Offices (WFO)

Weather Forecast Offices prepare and disseminate forecast products for all sectors of the population, including those for the Fire Weather program. These offices are responsible for providing forecasts for user agencies within their County Warning Area (CWA). Most offices have a designated fire weather focal point or fire weather program leader.

The National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices will provide 24-hour, 365 days-a-year service. The NWS WFO's can be reached at:

National Weather Service
5974 Commerce Blvd.
Morristown, TN 37814

National Weather Service
500 Weather Station Rd.
Old Hickory, TN 37138

National Weather Service
7777 Walnut Grove Rd. OM-1
Memphis, TN 38120

NOTE: Unlisted telephone numbers used for coordination cannot be listed here. All user agencies have been or will be provided voice and fax numbers to be used for official purposes only.

Meteorologists-in-Charge (MIC)

The Meteorologists-in-Charge are responsible for the provision of adequate weather services for the offices' assigned areas of program responsibility. The MIC's will ensure that the focal points or program leaders are provided adequate time for user liaison and assistance activities.

George Mathews, Morristown, TN

Larry Vannozzi, Nashville, TN

Jim Belles, Memphis, TN

Program Leaders (or Focal Points)

Fire weather focal points and program leaders are the "customer service representatives" for the program. The focal points or program leaders, as representatives of the MIC's, are in regular contact with the partner agencies, helping them assess their meteorological needs, informing them of NWS products and services available to meet these needs, and educating them in the most effective use of the various NWS products and resources, including NOAA Weather Radio (NWR). Focal points and program leaders will work with users to utilize existing NWS products and services produced for other programs that could meet the requirements of natural resource management. The focal points and program leaders are also tasked with ensuring staff meteorologists are trained and remain proficient in preparing forecast products for support of the fire weather program. Fire Program Leaders can be reached via e-mail on their NWS office fire weather homepage.

David Gaffin, Morristown, TN

John Cohen, Nashville, TN

John Sirmon, Memphis, TN

Participating Agencies

The following agencies are participants of this Operating Plan:

NOAA National Weather Service

TN Division of Forestry

USDI National Park Service

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