April 27 2011 - Radar Identified Mesoscale Circulations
The black tracks indicate an estimate of where the radar saw rotation up in the cloud...tornadoes usually occur within a mile or so of the black lines.

The colored lines show the documented tornado tracks (colors denote EF scale of each tornado). Note that all these colored lines are the same width, so a mile-wide tornado's damage will extend well to either side of the colored line.

Please zoom into your local area in order to see more detailed meso tracks.

  1. If you live within about a mile of any of the black tracks,
  2. Do not have a tornado path in your area as denoted by the colored lines,
  3. Have seen damage indicative of a possible tornado:

Please contact our office in order that we may survey any undocumented damage in your area.
Please be sure to provide street addresses including town/city where possible along with any other information that will help identify the specific location of the damage.
Email your damage reports to: george.mathews@noaa.gov


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