WFO Morristown, Tennessee Local 4km WRF Model

Sounding Data

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Wise, Virginia LNP
Jonesville, Virginia JON
Lebanon, Virginia LEB
Abingdon, Virginia ABI
Nicklesville, Virginia NIC
Oneida, Tennessee ONI
La Follette, Tennessee LAF
Rogersville, Tennessee RGR
Greeneville, Tennessee GCY
Tri-CityAirport, Tennessee TRI
Mountain City, Tennessee 6A4
Wartburg, Tennessee WRT
Knoxville Airport, Tennessee TYS
Morristown, Tennessee MOR
Madisonville, Tennessee MAD
Athens, Tennessee ATH
Pikeville, Tennessee PKV
Dunlap, Tennessee DUN
Pittsburg, Tennessee PIT
Chattanooga Airport, Tennessee CHA
Cleveland, Tennessee CLE
Andrews, North Carolina RHP
Note: The mesoscale prognostics depicted on these pages are experimental and may not be available at all times. The accuracy or reliability of the data is not guaranteed nor warranted in any way. The data is provided as is and should not be used as the sole resource for decision making. Mesoscale forecast guidance is best interpreted by a professional meteorologist who is familiar with the particular modeling system, including any model biases. This version of the WRF model is greatly influenced by the quality of the NMM model that provides the boundary conditions.

National Weather Service, WFO Morristown, Tennessee

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