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Information about the WRF-EMS modeling package
General information about the WRF Model
Run Times:
The table below describes model start times, boundary condition files, and other parameters used for each operational model run.
Initialization Time
Start Time
Boundary Conditions (NAM12)
Web Post Time
00Z (0hr fcst)
06Z (0hr fcst)
12Z (0hr fcst)
18Z (0hr fcst)
General Model Settings (These may vary at times):
General WRF Model Run Timing and I/O Information
Simulation Length : 36 Hours
Boundary Condition Frequency : 3 Hourly
Output Freqency : 1 Hourly
Forecast Times per Output File : 1
Output File Format : WRF netCDF
Model Computational Domain Information
MOAD - Mother Of All Domains
WRF Core : Advanced Research WRF (ARW)
Number of Domains : 1
MOAD Grid Dimensions (W-ExS-N) : 192x96
MOAD Grid Spacing : 4.0 km
Map Projection : lambert
MOAD Center Lat/Lon : 36.05,-83.717
MOAD Timestep : 90 seconds
Vertical ETAP Levels : 31
Pressure at Model Top : 50 mb
Smoothing Feedback Option : 1-2-1 Smoothing Technique
WRF Run Dynamics Configuration
Model Dynamics : Non Hydrostatic
Time Integration : Runge-Kutta 3rd Order
Turbulence and Mixing Option : Evaluates Mixing Terms in Physical Space
Eddy Coefficient Option : Horizontal Smagorinsky First Order Closure
Upper Level Damping : Off
Vertical Velocity Damping : On
WRF Run Physics Configuration
Cumulus Scheme : NAM Kain-Fritsch Scheme
Cumulus Timestep : 5 Minutes
Microphysics Scheme : Lin et al. Scheme
Moisture (Q) Threshold Plan : Set All Q Fields to Threshold
Moisture Threshold : 1.e-8
Boundary Layer Scheme : Yonsei University Scheme
Boundary Layer Timestep : 0 Minutes
Land-Surface Scheme : Noah 4-Layer Land Surface Model
Number of Soil Layers : 4
Source of Landuse and Soil Data : Standard Initialization (SI)
Surface Layer Scheme : Monin-Obukhov Scheme
Include Surface Fluxes : Yes
Long Wave Radiation : Rapid Radiative Transfer Model (RRTM)
Short Wave Radiation : Dudhia Scheme
Radiation Timestep : Auto Minutes
Include Cloud Effects : Yes
Note: The mesoscale prognostics depicted on these pages are experimental and may not be available at all times. The accuracy or reliability of the data is not guaranteed nor warranted in any way. The data is provided as is and should not be used as the sole resource for decision making. Mesoscale forecast guidance is best interpreted by a professional meteorologist who is familiar with the particular modeling system, including any model biases. This version of the WRF model is greatly influenced by the quality of the NMM model that provides the boundary conditions.

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