Hamilton County - Bradley County - Collegedale
EF4 Tornado Track and Photos
The following information is preliminary. All track data is subject to change as new information comes into our office and more detailed survey results are compiled. Please check back frequently for the latest detailed information
Mobile Home Destroyed
Mobile Home destroyed near start of track in TN
Home Destroyed
Home leveled off of Bill Jones Rd
Home Destroyed
Home leveled approximately 1.5 miles along track into TN
Home and Car Destroyed
Car lifted and moved near strongest damage area
High Power Lines Destroyed
High Tension Power Lines destroyed along right edge of track
Snapped Trees
Snapped trees northern portion of worst damage - Hamilton County
Home Collapsed
Exterior walls of home collapsed
Debris field from destroyed residence
Extended debris field from destroyed residence - Bradley County
Tornado damage path
Clearly defined tornado damage path - Bradley County
Destroyed Houses
Houses destroyed in Bradley County

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