The Tornado Risk is none
The Severe Thunderstorm Wind Gust Risk is none
The Inland High Winds Risk is none
The Hail Risk is none
Inland Flooding
The Flash Flooding Risk is none
The River Flooding Risk is none
The Marine Thunderstorm Wind Gusts Risk is none
The SCEC-SCA-Gale-Storm Conditions Risk is none
The Wave Risk is none
Coastal Flooding
The Coastal Flooding Risk is none
The Dense Fog Risk is none
The Excessive Heat Risk is none
The Excessive Cold Risk is none
The Freezing Rain Risk is none
The Sleet Risk is none
The Snow Risk is none
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Hazardous Weather Outlook
Flash Flooding

Flash Flooding
Risk Description
None No flash flooding
Low Ponding of water in poorly drained locations possible ORů One inch per hour rainfall rates forecast for major urban areas. ORů Rainfall rates expected to equal the 1-, 3- or 6-h flash-flood guidance values for rural areas
Moderate A (Flash) Flood Watch is in effect, but flooding has not yet occurred ORů Flash-flooding and/or general inundation flooding is occurring and is forecast to enter structures or vehicles
High Widespread flash-flooding and/or general inundation flooding that is life-threatening, has major impact on structures along with numerous road closures is occurring OR is forecast to occur is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.