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Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System [AWIPS]

Awips Workstation
AWIPS workstation

A new high-speed computer workstation called the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) is the centerpiece of the modernization of the National Weather Service. AWIPS is the nerve center of operations at all 116 modernized Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) and 13 River Forecast Centers (RFCs). It is capable of receiving, processing, and helping NWS forecasters analyze huge amounts of weather data from a variety of sources:

AWIPS Mainframe
AWIPS computer
The AWIPS system is composed of two primary elements - the forecast office or site level components (shown above) and the communications network (shown below). At the WFO sites (local NWS offices), the workstations currently being deployed are the main interface between the local forecasters and the national AWIPS. A communications network feeds data to each AWIPS site. After the current testing and evaluation of the system is completed, AWIPS will distribute information among the NWS sites and provide for dissemination of information to the public and other outside users.

Broadcast Network
AWIPS communications network
A one way, point-to-multipoint satellite broadcast service called NOAAPORT will be used to distribute the very large amounts of data products which are collected/produced at NOAA central facilities. Data distributed via the NOAAPORT will be accessible not only to all NWS forecast offices, but also to any appropriately equipped ground station operated by local government (civil defense), private sector organizations, and universities.

In addition to NOAAPORT, the AWIPS sites will eventually all be interconnected by a high-speed data network of terrestrial communications lines. This network will allow two-way, point-to-point communications among the AWIPS sites for the exchange of requisite data/products which are locally connected and produced.

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