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Nov 26
11:53 am
A Few Clouds. Click for additional data and forecast.
A Few Clouds

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Cape Canaveral11:58 AMFair81ºF65ºF59%E 13 G 2430.37 in6:52 AM/5:26 PM
Daytona Beach11:53 AMA Few Clouds78ºF61ºF56%E 18 G 2830.42 in6:56 AM/5:26 PM
DeLand12:15 PMNA77ºF59ºF54%E 18 G 3030.41 in6:56 AM/5:28 PM
Ft Pierce11:53 AMFair79ºF60ºF52%E 16 G 2630.33 in6:50 AM/5:27 PM
Kennedy Space Center11:58 AMFair79ºF63ºF59%E 15 G 2330.38 in6:53 AM/5:26 PM
Kissimmee11:48 AMMostly Cloudy and Breezy79ºF63ºF58%E 21 G 2830.37 in6:56 AM/5:30 PM
Leesburg11:53 AM Light Rain71ºF64ºF79%E 12 G 2130.41 in6:58 AM/5:30 PM
Melbourne11:53 AMA Few Clouds79ºF62ºF56%E 2030.36 in6:52 AM/5:27 PM
New Smyrna Beach12:50 PMPartly Cloudy and Breezy75ºF63ºF65%E 23 G 2930.40 in6:55 AM/5:26 PM
Okeechobee12:35 PMPartly Cloudy79ºF57ºF48%E 18 G 2630.32 in6:51 AM/5:29 PM
Orlando Exec11:53 AMFair and Breezy78ºF63ºF60%E 23 G 3330.39 in6:56 AM/5:29 PM
Orlando Intl11:53 AMPartly Cloudy78ºF60ºF54%E 20 G 2630.37 in6:55 AM/5:29 PM
Ormond Beach12:50 PMClearNAºFNAºFNA%E 14 G 2330.41 in6:56 AM/5:26 PM
Patrick AFB11:58 AMFair78ºF64ºF62%E 1730.36 in6:52 AM/5:26 PM
Sanford11:53 AMMostly Cloudy and Breezy79ºF63ºF58%E 23 G 3130.39 in6:56 AM/5:28 PM
Stuart11:47 AMPartly Cloudy79ºF61ºF54%E 18 G 2830.34 in6:49 AM/5:27 PM
Titusville12:48 PMPartly Cloudy and Windy79ºF59ºF51%E 2930.37 in6:53 AM/5:27 PM
The Villages12:35 PMNA79ºF66ºF65%NE 15 G 2330.28 in6:59 AM/5:31 PM
Vero Beach11:53 AMPartly Cloudy81ºF60ºF49%E 17 G 2930.35 in6:50 AM/5:27 PM
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