NWS Melbourne, Florida

2006 SKYWARN Recognition Day Results

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BEARS1 Comms Vehicle
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TCWN Comms Vehicle
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Chris Hughes (CAP) working EchoLink
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TH6DXX Beam for 10-15-20m
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Station1 - HF
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Station1 - HF

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Inside BEARS1 Comm Vehicle

SKYWARN Recognition Day for Amateur Radio Operators is co-sponsored by the National Weather Service and the American Radio Relay League. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the contributions that amateur radio operators ("hams") make to the National Weather Service during times of critical weather. During the event, hams across the country try to contact as many NWS offices as possible using their radio equipment. The contacts are received and logged at the individual NWS offices by volunteer amateur radio operators. 

During the 8th annual event, operations from NWS Melbourne consisted of two High Frequency (HF) stations and multiple Very High Frequency (VHF) and digital stations. The event began at 7 pm Friday December 1 and lasted until 7 pm Saturday December 2. Amateur Radio (Ham) operators participated from three active SKYWARN groups within East Central Florida: Brevard County Emergency Amateur Radio Services, Inc. (BEARS), The Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society (PCARS) and the Treasure Coast Weather Net (TCWN). Several licensed NWS Melbourne meteorologists (East Central Florida SKYWARN Group) also assisted during the event. The NWS Melbourne East Central Florida SKYWARN Group callsign WX4MLB was used.

Thank you to all the BEARS, PCARS, and TCWN members who contributed to another very successful and enjoyable event, and to those stations who participated in the SKYWARN Recognition Day event and also those who support SKYWARN operations throughout the year.

The 2006 official results:

 Total Contacts:   921
 States Contacted:   50
 NWS Stations Contacted:   70  
 Countries Contacted:  24
 Continents Contacted:  6
 Bands: 2, 15, 20, 40, 80 meters
 Modes: SSB, CW, Packet, Echolink

Radio Operators & Assistance Provided by:

Jan Heise - K4QD PCARS
Eric (and Sylvia) Smitt - K9ES PCARS
Stephanie Phillips - K4MVO BEARS
Hank Phillips - AA4HP BEARS
Ozzie Osband - N4SCY BEARS
Ken Hinkle - K8KH PCARS
Mike Stallings - K4RVR BEARS
George Fundis - K4PX PCARS
Don Winn - AF4Z PCARS
Dan Fisher - AI4GK PCARS
Alex Fisher - KG4WMM PCARS
Jim Armstrong - KI4RBY PCARS
Joe Mitchell - K4AW PCARS
Curt Lochman - W4LVA PCARS
Dave Hoilman - KI4OAZ PCARS
Ed Messer - KI4NNA PCARS
Dick Jump - KA4HYY PCARS
Gary Stutts - WB4SRR PCARS
Chuck Green - AD4ES PCARS
Greg (and Carol) O'Neill - AA4KO IRARC
Keith Boyer - N4TRN Orange County SKYWARN
Wayne Burkett - KA1VRF TCWN
Eric Larabell - KF4UJO TCWN
Brian Cook - KI4HLW TCWN
Duane Duncan - WB8VGS TCWN
Bud Holman - WA4AJS TCWN
Mark Timblin - AI4HO TCWN
Vince Weal - K4JC TCWN
Ernie Marquez - KF4IHX TCWN
Joe Lenartiene - KD4BTD TCWN
Cheryl Lenartiene - N4SRO TCWN
Julie White TCWN
Capt. Chris Myers - KF4DQY Civil Air Patrol
Justin Frederick - C/CA1C Civil Air Patrol
Chris Hughes - C/CA1C Civil Air Patrol
John Pendergrast - KC5SVA NWS Melbourne SKYWARN Group
Scott Spratt - KT4PD NWS Melbourne SKYWARN Group
Bart Hagemeyer NWS Melbourne
Jackie Cartwright NWS Melbourne
Scott Kelly NWS Melbourne
Dennis Decker NWS Melbourne
Roddey Stevenson NWS Melbourne
Don Burkhardt NWS Melbourne
Bill Bennett NWS Melbourne
Dave Jacobs NWS Melbourne
Pete Blottman NWS Melbourne
GAP Antenna Products, Inc.  

For questions, comments, feedback, please email Scott Spratt.  To receive a QSL card from WX4MLB, please send an your card along with an SASE to: NWS Melbourne, 421 Croton Road, Melbourne, FL  32935. Electronic QSLs can be exchanged via http://eqsl.cc/qslcard/.  For certificate information, click here.

Annual Statistics from WFO Melbourne (local records)

1999 279 20 38 7
2000 489 38 43 12
2001 276 33 48 3
2002 388 35 44 29
2003 538 42 43 20
2004 1524 68 49 57
2005 778 71 49 20
2006 921 70 50 24

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