NWS Melbourne Marine Web Letter
April 2009


Talk to the Marine Forecaster--anytime!

During a talk a few months ago, I advertised our phone number to call and speak to a marine forecaster.  Afterwards, I was approached and reminded that the phone number is only answered Monday-Friday during  normal working hours.  Many boaters make their plans in the evening and on the weekend, so they cannot call and talk to a forecaster if they have a question or concern.  I have established a ring through extension to the Melbourne marine forecaster that will be available 24/7.  The office phone number is 321-255-0212 and the after hours extension is 242.  This number is for marine forecast questions only.  The marine forecast recording is available at 321-255-2900.

MODIS Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Data on Web

I have added a new page with links to 1km resolution MODIS Composite SST across the east central Florida coastal waters.  These images are from the polar orbiting satellites Terra and Aqua. There is a link for the latest image that is available in our workstations and a link to a loop of the last 9 images we have posted to the web (usually one per day).  Users should note that these images are composites over several days, so the SST gradients that are seen may not represent actual environmental conditions.  Compositing is required due to occasional cloud cover and the fact that the satellite track is different for each pass, which causes gaps in data coverage.

Sea Surface Temperature Forecast Loop

A boater sent me a link to the 144 hour loop of the Sea Surface Temperature Forecast.  The data is from NOAA, but thanks Greg C. for pointing it out to me.  Click here to check it out.

National Safe Boating Week -- May 16-22, 2009

Even the most experienced boater sometimes needs a reminder about some basic safe boating practices.  I have compiled statistics that show there is an average of 14 boating deaths each year in the 10 county area of east central Florida.  Simple things like operating a small boat alone and not wearing a life jacket or not investing in an emergency beacon can cause the death of experienced boaters.  So, take an inventory of your safety practices and correct any weaknesses.  Remind others to do the same.  It could be a life saver.

For those along the Treasure Coast, there is an Open House at the Ft. Pierce Coast Guard to kick off the Safe Boating Week on Saturday, May 16.


If you have a group that would like a speaker about marine forecasting, feel free to contact me.

The next Marine Web Letter can be expected in July.  

Randy Lascody

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