Hurricane Erin
August 2, 1995

National Hurricane Center Summary of Hurricane Erin

Loop of Hurricane Erin Landfall


Hurricane Erin struck east central Florida on August 2, 1995. In addition to hurricane force winds and storm surge during landfall, mesoscale impacts of a back-side rainband included tornadoes and significant flooding. 

High Resolution WSR-88D Images of Hurricane Erin 

1048 PM 8/1/95 Erin's eye east of Stuart, Florida.
1109 PM 8/1/95 Erin's gains strength southeast of Ft. Pierce.
1134 PM 8/1/95 Strong rainbands approach shore near Vero Beach.
1209 AM 8/2/95 Erin's eye east of Fort Pierce.
1247 AM 8/2/95 Erin's eye east of Vero Beach - strong rainbands over Brevard County.
0112 AM 8/2/95 Closeup of eye nearing Vero Beach.
0132 AM 8/2/95 Hurricane force Doppler velocity measurements of eye wall bands approaching Brevard county.
0213 AM 8/2/95 - Erin's eye moving inland south of Sebastian Inlet.
0248 AM 8/2/95 Strongest winds associated with Erin on east coast. Green is hurricane force winds moving toward coast - red is hurricane force winds moving inland.
0521 AM 8/2/95 Eye of Erin moving inland south of Orlando.
0521 AM 8/2/95 Hurricane force winds shown on Doppler radar south of Orlando.


 zoomed out radar image of hurricane erin

Hurricane Erin Damage Pictures

Coast Guard rescues ship crew in wake of Erin - three crew members lost.
Another view of rescue
Tornado Warning
Sunken sailboat
Signs down
Power lines down
Roof damage
Hotel sign blown down
Flooded Roads
More Flooded roads
Dealing with the flood 

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