Forecast Office History | Station Digest

Staff Listing:

Administrative -

Fred Johnson - Meteorologist-In-Charge (MIC)
Scott Spratt - Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)
Dave Sharp - Science & Operations Officer (SOO)
Roddey Stevenson - Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA), IT Security
Pete Blottman - Information Technology Officer (ITO), Impact Meteorology Unit (IMU)
Lori Gobble - Administrative Support Assistant (ASA)

Senior Forecasters -

Tony Cristaldi - Aviation Program Leader, Satellite Applications Program Leader
Scott Kelly - Severe Weather Program Leader
Randy Lascody - Marine Program Leader
John Pendergrast - Fire Weather / Air Quality Program Leader, Incident Meteorologist 
Matt Volkmer - IMU, AWIPS, Digital Services Program Leader and Webmaster

Journeymen Forecasters -

Matt BragawLightning Applications Focal Point, Diversity 
Arlena Moses - Tropical Program Leader
Tim Sedlock - WSR-88D Radar Operational Program Leader, Incident Meteorologist 
Derrick Weitlich- Climate Program Leader, NOAA Weather Radio Program Leader
Bob Wimmer - Tsunami Program Leader

Hydrometeorological Technicians (HMT) -

Peggy Glitto -  Observing Program Leader (OPL), Hydrology Program Leader
Jackie Cartwright - Environmental Compliance (EC)  & Safety

Meteorologist Interns -

Will Ulrich - Social Media Program Leader

Electronic Technicians (ET) -

Don Burkhardt - WSR-88D Radar Maintenance, Safety/EC Program
Taylor Cox - ASOS Maintenance 




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