F-0 Tornado at Canova Beach 
August 4, 2004

Under westerly steering flow, a band of showers and thunderstorms moved from central Florida and rapidly intensified as they approached the Brevard County coast line. An F-0 tornado touched down and then quickly dissipated in Conova Beach near Lee Street and Harris Blvd., about a block west of US A1A. Eyewitnesses described the event lasting only about 20 to 30 seconds just before 2:00 pm EDT.

The tornado destroyed an aluminum roof porch, knocked out power, blew down fences and sheds, and scattered lawn furniture.

map of area
Map of damage area, depicted in yellow.

Local radar imagery, and damage photos.

radar loop - click to reload
Radar Reflectivity Loop
1:08 P.M. to 2:03 P.M.
(Click for larger size)


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