Fayette Corners Tornado- November 10, 1998

A small (F1) tornado damaged several homes and farm structures in northeast Fayette County Tennessee early on Tuesday, November 10, 1998.

Embedded in a larger area of extensive wind damage, the tornado first touched down briefly just northeast of the Liberty Hill community. That path was approximately 1000 yards long and about 100 yards wide along the northwest side of Old Jackson Road. Starting about .5 mile northeast of the Ferge Drive/Old Jackson intersection, the tornado damage extended about 3.25 miles northeast along the northwest side of Old Jackson Road. Tornado damage ended just southwest of the Old Jackson/Perry Road intersection.

The larger area of thunderstorms wind damage was about 1.5 miles in width, and started near the Old Jackson Road/Dowdy Road intersection. From there, the wind damage extended along both sides of Old Jackson Road northeast to just west of the Old Jackson/Perry Road intersection.

Twenty five homes were damaged by thunderstorm and tornado winds. Five (three movile homes and two conventional construction) were demolished. No one suffered injury sufficient to require medical care. The absence of injury is attributed to the time of day; most residents had already left for work.

Additionally, there was considerable damage to farm structures, including several demolished barns. There was also widespread damage to trees throughout the area.

The attached map illustrates the damage areas.

Fayette County Fire Dept. got the call - a barn blown down on livestock - at 755 a.m.

A look at the radar composite and relative velocity at 1.5 degrees and .5 degree at 7:52 a.m. shows severe storms in Fayette County and wind patterns inside and in the vicinity of those storms.

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