Oklahoma, Eastern March 1994

Nowata County,   06  2125CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)

Nowata County,   06  2140CST  0.1  30   0    0            Tornado (F-0)
  1 WSW Lenapah

Nowata County,   06  2145CST            0    0            Hail (1.75)

Ottawa County,   06  2200CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)

Craig County,    06  2215CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)

Ottawa County,   06  2240CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  5 E Miami

                 Severe thunderstorms developed in extreme northeast Oklahoma during the
                 evening of March 6th and produced large hail and 1 small tornado. The
                 tornado touched down briefly 1 mile west southwest of Lenapah at
                 2140CST. Trees and fences were downed by this F-0 tornado, but no other
                 damage occurred as a result of the tornado. Golfball size hail fell at
                 Lenapah, and dime size hail fell at Wann, Welch, Narcissa, and 5 miles
                 east of Miami.

Eastern Oklahoma,08  0600CST-           0    0   2        Heavy Snow
  Zones 054>071      2300CST

                 Heavy snow fell in northeast and east central Oklahoma on March 8th.
                 thunderstorms accompanied the snow in many areas, which added to the
                 snow accumulations. Snowfall amounts across northeast and east central
                 Oklahoma ranged from 4 to 18 inches, with the heaviest amounts across
                 southern Osage, Pawnee, northern Creek, Tulsa, Wagoner, and eastern
                 Delaware Counties. The town of Pawnee had the greatest official
                 snowfall accumulation with 15 inches, but unofficial amounts of up to
                 18 inches were reported in eastern Delaware County. The 12.9 inches of
                 snow which fell at the Tulsa International Airport was an all-time
                 record snowfall. The previous record of 11.5 inches occurred on March
                 20th, 1924. Numerous accidents occurred as a result of the snowfall,
                 and several power outages also occurred. A propane tank truck
                 overturned on icy roads near Pawhuska which resulted in the evacuation
                 of a small area, but no injuries were reported. A convenient store in
                 Checotah had its gas island canopy collapse under the weight of the

McIntosh County, 24  0610CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)
  0.5 N Hanna

                 An isolated severe thunderstorm developed in southwest McIntosh County
                 during the early morning of March 24th. This storm produced penny size
                 hail which covered the ground to a depth of 4 inches 1/2 mile north of
                 Hanna. The hail fell in a path 1 mile long by 1 mile wide.

Creek County,    26  1131CST            0    0            Hail (0.88)

Tulsa County,    26  1138CST            0    0            Hail (0.75)

                 Isolated severe thunderstorms developed in northeast Oklahoma during
                 the late morning of March 26th. Dime to nickel size hail fell on the
                 north side of Sapulpa, and dime size hail occurred at KJRH-TV on Peoria
                 Avenue near 34th Street South in the city of Tulsa.