ary 1994 Eastern Oklahoma, 16 0700CST- 1 6 Ice Storm Zones 054>071,073>075 2300CST Freezing rain and sleet developed across much of eastern Oklahoma during the morning of January 16th and continued throughout the day into the evening. 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice accumulation was common across eastern Oklahoma with the greatest accumulations of ice occurring near the Arkansas border. Power lines and phone lines were downed by the ice in some areas, and numerous accidents occurred as a result of the icy roads. An accident caused by the icy roads near Checotah killed 1 person and injured another person, and 5 persons were injured in an accident caused by icy roads near Grove. Muskogee County, 26 0355CST 0 0 TSTM Wind Muskogee Muskogee County, 26 0355CST 0 0 Hail (0.88) Muskogee Wagoner County, 26 0415CST 0 0 Hail (0.75) 3 W Okay Craig County, 26 0520CST 0 0 Hail (2.75) 2 SW Vinita Craig County, 26 0520CST 0 0 Hail (0.88) 2 W Vinita Craig County, 26 0528CST 0 0 Hail (0.75) Vinita Rogers County, 26 0700CST 0 0 5 Lightning 1 E Chelsea Severe thunderstorms developed in northeast Oklahoma during the early morning of January 26th and produced large hail. Baseball size hail covered the ground to a depth of 1 foot 2 miles southwest of Vinita, and nickel size hail accumulated to a depth of 6 inches 2 miles west of Vinita. Hail slightly larger than dime size fell at Vinita, and dime size hail fell 3 miles west of Okay. Nickel size hail fell at Muskogee, and strong thunderstorm winds damaged a carport in Muskogee. Lightning struck a tree 1 mile east of Chelsea and started a fire which destroyed a house. which destroyed a house.