April 11, 2009 Severe Weather


North Odessa Damage Glasscock County Tornado


North Odessa Damage

On Sunday, April 12, the National Weather Service in Midland conducted a damage survey of a high wind event that occurred across the northern portions of the city of Odessa on the evening of Saturday, April 11.

The damage survey showed a damage path approximately 1.25 miles long and 25 yards wide, running from just west of the intersection of Skyline Drive and 83rd Street to the eastern extent of Edgeport Drive. Residents at several locations within the damage area witnessed a tornado-like feature in association with this damage.

Eyewitness descriptions combined with damage trajectories and radar imagery suggest that the tornado-like feature was likely outflow-related and will be classified as a gustnado. It is likely that this gustnado enhanced wind speeds in its path. Damage across the area was typical of events with wind speeds in the 80-90 mph range. While this event will not be categorized as as tornado with a formal intensity rating, damage that occurred was significant and similar to that of high end EF0 or lower end EF1 damage.

Google Earth Image showing area of damage near Odessa, Texas

Click the image above to explore the damage further using Google Earth.
Click here to view a preliminary storm report.

storm damage showing roof removed from a house

This residence sustained major damage. The design of the roof, with a portion if it having a pitch perpendicular to the damaging wind, resulted in a large portion of the roof lifting off the home. The roof was blown towards the east northeast. Portions of the roof came to rest across 83rd street, as well as across Andrews Highway adjacent to Schlemeyer Airport. Residents also confirmed the existence of a tornado-like feature approximately 25 yards wide. The image above is taken from the front bedroom.

storm damage showing roof removed from a house

The image above is taken from the living room of the damaged residence.

photo showing damage to a hangar


Extensive damage also occured to the hangars located at Eagle Aire. The following image is an example of hangar door damage that occurred to the majority of the hangars at this location.

extensive damage to an airport hangar

Strong west southwest winds resulted in the caving in of the entire west side of the hangar. In addition, a building on the inside of the hangar was moved approximately 12 feet as the west wall of the hangar was pushed inward. In addition, eyewitnesses reported a tornado-like feature between 20 and 30 yards wide approaching rapidly from the west southwest. See the image link below.

large, mature tree blown over by strong winds

Several large trees were uprooted along Edgeport Road. This large and mature tree was uprooted due to the high winds.




Glasscock County Tornado

On Monday, April 13, the National Weather Service in Midland also conducted a damage survey of eastern Midland County and western portions of Glasscock County to investigate potential damage from a supercell thunderstorm that occurred Saturday evening.

The damage survey team found a snapped power pole 1.5 miles east of the Midland and Glasscock county line. This pole was snapped approximately 8 feet above ground level. Another nearby power pole sustained slight damage near the top of the pole. An area of mesquite trees slightly farther to the east northeast also showed slight damage. These observations all suggest the presence of a brief tornado touchdown just to the south of Highway 158, with the tornado crossing the highway prior to lifting.

While areas of potential high winds were noted along Farm to Market Road in Midland County, there was not enough evidience to suggest that tornado formation had occurred in Midland County. Thus, the damage path for this tornado touchdown in Glasscock County will be estimated at approximately 3/4 mile. The tornado width will be estimated at 50 yards, which is consistent with the eye witness report received by the National Weather Service.

Based on visible damage, the tornado will be classified as a weak EF0 tornado.

Google Earth Image showing area of in western Glasscock county

Click the image above to explore the damage further using Google Earth.

storm damage showing a damaged power pole

This power pole was snapped approximately 8 feet above the ground and represents the primary location where the tornado crossed Highway 158.

storm damage showing a damaged power pole

Power pole damage was noted along Highway 158. The image above shows slight wind damage to the upper portions of the pole.

radar image showing tornadic supercell

The image above shows a "hook" echo associated with the tornadic supercell.

radar image showing strong rotation with a tornadic supercell

In the image above, the National Weather Service Doppler radar is located on the left side of the image near the point labeled "Midland International Airport". The light blue and cyan colors represent winds flowing toward the radar and the yellow and orange colors represent winds flowing away from the radar. Strong, cyclonic rotation is shown in this tornadic supercell.

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