1 KM Visible Satellite Frames in loop: 7 GOES 8 (East) Start: 11/29/2001/ 14:32Z End: 11/29/2001/ 20:32Z

The above visible satellite animation was taken November 29, 2001, one day after a record setting heavy snow storm affected areas from Northern Mexico, East New Mexico, West Texas, and Oklahoma. This shows the extent of the snow coverage from the record setting November snow storm.

Visible satellite animation is an excellent tool for delineating snow coverage. Clouds present in the image, especially high circus clouds do not show up well on visible and normally are in motion. Thus the white pattern that does not move generally could be considered snow cover. But not all of the white pattern is snow. White Sands over south-central New Mexico maintains this appearance year round.

If you look closely, you may notice some landmarks on the satellite image. Some of them have been annotated on the below still image. The heaviest snow occurred from the Davis Mountains, to around Midland/Odessa, to Wichita Falls and into Oklahoma. Amounts within this band ranged from 6-12 inches.


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