Storm Damage Survey
Reagan/Glasscock Counties Tornado of March 22, 2000
Ray Fagen & Dan Koch

The most damaging of a series of tornadoes to touch down during the evening of Wednesday, March 22, 2000 was surveyed the next afternoon. Based on eyewitness accounts, weather office telephone logs and radar information, we believe the public initially spotted a tornado around 10:35 PM north of Texon near Stiles along FM 1357 in northern Reagan County.

The initial warning for this tornado was disseminated at 10:17 PM, effective until 11:00 PM, based on weather radar information at 10:14 PM. This tornado continued moving northeast and did telephone pole damage to a major transformer location along of FM 1357 and between Highway 137 and FM 3093. The tornado then crossed FM 1357 and did damage to a wood frame house located 300 yard north of FM 1357, resulting in minor injuries to two adults and a one-year old infant child located inside the house at around 10:45 PM.

A review of the damage of this wood frame house indicated that the house was lifted off its foundation and placed 20 feet northeast of its original location. Two of the four walls were completed blown off the house and the house was found rotated 90 degrees, such that the south facing front door was now facing east. A pickup truck was lifted and found overturned in the yard and two other cars was found heavily damaged after being moved over 100 feet. The roof was completely removed and could not be subsequently found. Damage was estimated to be F-3 on the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale or 158 to 206 mph winds.

The tornado continued northeast about 5 miles crossing FM 3093 north of FM1357 and completed demolished a storage shed and barn around 11:05 PM. This tornado then continued northeast another mile stuck a trailer home located between FM 3093 and County Road 105 in extreme northern Reagan county. Two adults in the trailer home suffered injuries and were admitted to the Reagan County hospital in Big Lake. The trailer home was tied down with cables connecting the trailer home to two 5 inches diameter pipes submerged in two inches of concrete. The trailer home was found completely destroyed with its frame lifted and then deposited 50 feet northeast of its original location, tie down cables completely severed. Debris was scattered hundreds of yards in all directions. Damage was estimated to be F-2 on the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale.

The tornado continued northeast, north of FM 3093 for another three miles, reaching a well-built brick house located along the west side of County Road 105 about two miles south of FM 2401, or about two miles southeast of St. Lawrence in extreme southern Glasscock County around 11:15 PM. A tornado warning for Glasscock County was disseminated at 11:10 PM, effective until midnight. The brick house suffered extensive roof damage, with two roof beams breaking off and entering the living area of the house. Six large trees located on the southern side of the house were completely uprooted and facing different directions. Debris was scattered hundreds of yards. Damage was estimated to be F-2 based on the fact that the roof was damaged but not removed and all the brick walls survived the tornadic winds.

The tornado then continued northeast, crossing FM 2401 four miles east of St. Lawrence in southern Glasscock County. A barn was completely demolished and several utility poles were destroyed. The debris from the barn and utility poles were found facing different directions and debris scattered hundreds of yards. Damage was estimated at F-2.

The tornado then continued northeast another mile and stuck several utility poles, completely severing the utility poles along FM 33 about one mile north of FM 2401 near County Road 170.

The resultant tornado track across Reagan and Glasscock Counties was about 100 yards wide and 14 miles long. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.