Damage Survey Results: August 6, 2013  - West Odessa Microburst

On August 7, 2013, National Weather Service meteorologists conducted a damage survey in West Odessa (Ector County), Texas to verify reports of wind damage.

Damage occurred during the late afternoon hours of August 6, 2013 as thunderstorms developed in the hot unstable airmass located over West Texas. The high temperature at Midland International Airport reached 106 degrees that afternoon with dew points in the mid 50’s. A thunderstorm affected West Odessa at 4:45 pm PDT. Damage was consistent with a microburst.

The most intense winds and greatest damage during the thunderstorm was confined to Triple Crown Dr near the intersection of South Gallant Fox Ave. Outflow winds from the thunderstorm were from the NNW.


Damage consisted of the roof (corrugated tin) partially blown off of a barn. A side addition to the barn collapsed from the wind. Tree branches (up to 2") from a partially live tree were broken off. Debris from the roof travelled about 200 yards across the street damaging a mobile home. Pieces of the roof punctured the mobile home. Winds also blew off part of the siding from the mobile home. A vehicle on the property was damaged by the wind and the roof debris. The West Odessa Fire Department reported several power poles snapped in the area. Based on the damage the peak wind speed was 70-80 mph.

 Barn damage

Tree Damage 

Roof Debris

Mobile home damage

Damaged vehicle

Hole in interior wall of mobile home


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