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 Latest METARs (Observations) 
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***** Today's Observations (Above) *****

14Z KM89 231356Z AUTO 03007KT 10SM -RA OVC031 14/12 A3030 RMK AO2
         T01380116 OVC V BKN P0002 SLP275
13Z KM89 231256Z AUTO 03006KT 1 3/4SM +RA BR FEW002 SCT018 BKN024
         15/14 A3026 RMK AO2 T01500144 RAB20 P0003 SLP262
12Z KM89 231156Z AUTO 00000KT 4SM BR OVC047 14/14 A3023 RMK AO2 51016
         60027 70027 T01440144 10144 20127 SLP249
11Z KM89 231056Z AUTO 20004KT 5SM BR FEW028 BKN033 BKN046 14/14 A3020
         RMK AO2 T01440138 SLP241
10Z KM89 230956Z AUTO 34005KT 7SM FEW026 BKN035 OVC055 14/14 A3020 RMK
         AO2 T01440138 RAE42 P0004 SLP242
09Z KM89 230856Z AUTO 00000KT 2 1/2SM RA BR BKN002 BKN011 OVC019 14/13
         A3017 RMK AO2 51010 60023 T01380133 OVC V BKN P0009
08Z KM89 230756Z AUTO 26003KT 5SM -RA BR SCT002 BKN029 OVC070 14/13
         A3018 RMK AO2 T01440133 CIG 017V039 P0005 SLP233
07Z KM89 230656Z AUTO VRB04KT 3SM +RA BR BKN002 BKN013 OVC032 14/13
         A3017 RMK AO2 T01380127 CIG 002V008 RAB24 P0009 SLP230
06Z KM89 230556Z AUTO 00000KT 3SM BR SCT090 BKN110 13/12 A3015 RMK AO2
         51006 60000 T01270116 10166 20122 BKN V SCT RAB36E45 P0000
05Z KM89 230456Z AUTO 00000KT 6SM BR CLR 12/11 A3014 RMK AO2 T01220111
         402380016 SLP223
***** Yesterday's Observations (Above) *****

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