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Daily Climate Data
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Note: The record data for Little Rock and North Little Rock are from two different time periods (1874 to the present and 1975 to the present respectively). Therefore, the records might be quite different at times.
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Climate divisions in Arkansas. In the picture: Climate divisions in Arkansas.
Station Stats From Southern Region Climate Center
Pick a station above and then click "Get Data!" for  climate information in Arkansas. Note: A map of Louisiana will pop up initially. In less than a minute, your requested site will appear.
Weekly/Monthly/Seasonal Climate Data
Normals/Records/F6 Data
State Ranking Tool (temperature and precipitation plots for states of interest)
Record Reports (Much of Little Rock County Warning Area) Record Reports (Little Rock National Airport)
Station Records
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North Little Rock Data
Records & Normals
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Little Rock National Airport/Adams Field Data
Records & Normals
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Preliminary Climate (F6)
Note: Five years of data is available. For more past weather, click here. Important: This data is preliminary, and may contain errors. Final and certified climate data is available at the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC (
1981-2010 Normals for Arkansas
Use the dropdown menu below to find monthly temperature and precipitation normals for a location near you.
MAX 50.5 55.1 64.0 73.1 81.1 88.9 92.5
MEAN 40.8 44.8 53.4 62.1 71.1 79.1 82.8
MIN 31.2 34.5 42.7 51.0 61.1 69.4 73.2
PCPN 3.55 3.66 4.68 5.14 4.87 3.65 3.27
MAX 92.6 85.6 74.8 63.0 52.3 72.9
MEAN 82.5 75.0 63.7 52.6 43.0 62.7
MIN 72.4 64.5 52.6 42.2 33.7 52.5
PCPN 2.59 3.18 4.91 5.28 4.97 49.75
Temperatures across the U.S. were roughly 0.5 degrees F warmer than readings in the 1971-2000 normals. For more information, click here.
Frost and Freeze Information for Arkansas
Use the dropdown menu below to find first (Fall) and last (Spring) frost and freeze dates for a location near you.
FFrost FFreeze LFreeze LFrost
11/03 11/14 03/20 04/02

Please Note: The dates shown are based on climatological normals, with a temperature of 36° for frost and 32° for a freeze. There is at least a 50 percent probability that a first (F) or last (L) Frost/Freeze will occur on these dates. Probabilities go up to 90 percent for a FFrost/FFreeze two weeks later and a LFrost/LFreeze two weeks prior. Probabilities go down to 10 percent for a FFrost/Freeze two weeks prior and a LFrost/LFreeze two weeks later. The dates are courtesy of the National Climatic Data Center.
This information is based on 1981-2010 normals. To access data for the previous thirty years (1971-2000) for Arkansas and other states, click here.
Compiled Data
Climate Statistics
The files below are in PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader, you can get one free by clicking here.
Climate Book (Little Rock)
Climate Book (North Little Rock)
Climate Book (Harrison)
Climate Book (Pine Bluff)
Note: The climate books include top 10 lists (10 warmest/coolest years, etc), average monthly temperatures, monthly rainfall and snowfall, and other miscellaneous data. Red and blue fonts in files represent highest and lowest values for a month/year...or earliest/latest occurrences in a year.
Significant Weather Events
For summaries of significant weather events (severe storms, wintry precipitation, heavy rain, etc) in Arkansas, and access to an event archive (from the National Climatic Data Center) since 1950, go to our "Monthly Storm Reports and Storm Data" page by clicking here.
Need certified weather information? Contact the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) at (828) 271-4800 or visit them on-line at
For quick access to some popular climate products from NCDC (i.e. archived data for the U.S., extreme weather/climate events, heating/cooling degree day statistics, etc)...go to NOAA's "Past Weather" page by clicking here. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.