Severe/Winter Weather Guides
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The National Weather Service authors Severe and Winter Weather guides annually. The guides serve to educate the public about hazardous weather and how to prepare for severe and winter storms.
Winter Guide (Where to Go for Headlines)
Forecast/County Warning Areas in Arkansas
The National Weather Service (NWS) in Little Rock issues forecasts (and Winter headlines) for much of Arkansas (light blue counties above).

Counties in the northwest, east, southwest, and southeast are served by NWS offices in Tulsa, OK... Memphis, TN...  Shreveport, LA... and Jackson, MS respectively.

Take a closer look:


NOAA Weather Radio transmitters across Arkansas.  

Forecasts may be received on the Internet, news and weather wires, and on NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) All Hazards.


In the picture: As of October, 2012...there were 25 NOAA Weather Radio transmitters up and running across Arkansas: (1) Grove OK... 162.525 MHz, (2) Springdale... 162.400 MHz, (3) Harrison... 162.525 MHz, (4) Yellville... 162.500 MHz, (5) Cherokee Village... 162.475 MHz, (6) Wardell MO... 162.525 MHz, (7) Dyersburg TN... 162.500 MHz, (8) Fayetteville... 162.475 MHz, (9) Mountain View... 162.450 MHz, (10) Jonesboro... 162.550 MHz, (11) Fort Smith... 162.550 MHz, (12) Russellville... 162.525 MHz, (13) Morrilton... 162.475 MHz, (14) Russell... 162.400 MHz, (15) Memphis TN... 162.475 MHz, (16) Mena... 162.400 MHz, (17) High Peak... 162.425 MHz, (18) Little Rock... 162.550 MHz, (19) Marvell... 162.525 MHz, (20) Broken Bow OK... 162.450 MHz, (21) Gurdon... 162.475 MHz, (22) Star City... 162.400 MHz, (23) Texarkana... 162.550 MHz, (24) El Dorado... 162.525 MHz, and (25) Fountain Hill... 162.475 MHz.


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