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October, 2013 Storm Report
Short Weather Summary
There were several heavy rain episodes in October, especially in southern and western Arkansas. By late October, freezes normally occur in parts of the north, and that is exactly what happened. Severe weather was minimal, but there was a weak tornado in the northeast on Halloween.


Record Temperatures
There was one record low temperature in October. Check out the record below.


Site Record Low (Date of Occurrence)
North Little Rock 37T (10/25)


A Wild Beginning/Not Many Fireworks Thereafter
A cold front swept through Arkansas on 10/05/2013, and brought chances for showers and scattered thunderstorms.

October started off with a bang across the middle of the country. On the 3rd/4th, a strong cold front was poised to the northwest and the tropics came to life.

In the picture: A cold front swept through Arkansas on 10/05/2013, and brought chances for showers and scattered thunderstorms. In the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm Karen ("L") weakened near the Louisiana Coast.


Along the front, storms were severe during the late afternoon/evening of the 4th. A tornado was spawned at Wayne, NE, with extensive damage and 15 injuries noted. The tornado was rated EF4, and was one of six tornadoes rated this high in October in the last 60 years.



On the cold side of the front, it snowed heavily. In the Black Hills near Rapid City, SD, two to three feet of snow was reported by 1000 pm CDT on the 4th. Interstate 90 was closed from Wall, SD to the Wyoming border.

Closer to home, the front barrelled into Arkansas on the 5th. Temperatures behind the front plummeted into the mid and upper 40s in northwest Arkansas by 300 pm CDT. Along the Mississippi River, readings were in the 80s. There were areas of heavy rain surrounding the front, especially in the southeast. Twenty four hour totals through 700 am CDT on the 6th included 5.94 inches of rain at Lake Village (Chicot County), with 5.28 inches at Eudora (Chicot County), 3.57 inches at St. Francis (Clay County) and 3.20 inches at Portland (Ashley County).


Twenty Four Hour Rainfall (through 700 am CDT on 10/06/2013)
Site Amount (Inches) Where in State
Lake Village (Chicot Co) 5.94 SE
Eudora (Chicot Co) 5.28 SE
St. Francis (Clay Co) 3.57 NE
Portland (Ashley Co) 3.20 SE
Fayetteville (Washington Co) 2.60 NW
Black Rock (Lawrence Co) 2.51 NE
Mammoth Spring (Fulton Co) 2.35 NC
Dermott (Chicot Co) 2.25 SE
Harrison (Boone Co) 2.21 NC
Kelso (Desha Co) 2.20 SE
Monticello (Drew Co) 2.18 SE
St. Paul (Madison Co) 2.10 NW
Rohwer (Desha Co) 2.02 SE
Salem (Fulton Co) 2.00 NC
Note: "NW" is northwest, "NC" is north central, "NE" is northeast and "SE" is southeast.


Snow was piled high in Rapid City, SD early on 10/05/2013.
In the picture: Snow was piled high in Rapid City, SD early on 10/05/2013. The photo (via Twitter) is courtesy of Kenny Miller. Click to enlarge.
Toward evening on 10/05/2013, an apparent tornado was near Lenox, TN.
In the picture: Toward evening on 10/05/2013, an apparent tornado was near Lenox, TN. The photo (via Twitter) is courtesy of Tim Moore. Click to enlarge.

Severe weather was minimal on the 5th, but one storm became tornadic just over the state line in western Tennessee. An apparent  tornado was witnessed shortly before 630 pm CDT near Lenox, TN, which is about 7 miles west-northwest of Dyersburg, TN.


Toward the middle of November, there was a similar pattern, but it was not quite as wild. Abundant moisture preceded a cold front to the west on the 14th/15th, with lots of water to squeeze out of the atmosphere.

Moisture (dewpoints in the 60s) spread into Arkansas from the south and west at 100 pm CDT on 10/14/2013.
In the picture: Moisture (dewpoints in the 60s) spread into Arkansas from the south and west at 100 pm CDT on 10/14/2013.


Through early on the 16th, three to more than four inches of rain dumped in southern and western sections of the state (where moisture was most plentiful). 


Forty Eight Hour Rainfall (through 700 am CDT on 10/16/2013)
Site Amount (Inches)
Mena (Polk Co) 4.20
Big Fork (Polk Co) 3.84
Parks (Scott Co) 3.75
Narrows Dam (Pike Co) 3.68
Bonnerdale (Hot Spring Co) 3.66
Bogg Springs (Polk Co) 3.50
Glenwood (Pike Co) 3.50
Pine Ridge (Montgomery Co) 3.24
Waldron (Scott Co) 3.23
Moro Bay State Park (Bradley Co) 3.20
Mount Ida (Montgomery Co) 3.04
Note: All locations are in west central, southwest or south central Arkansas.


There was a freeze in northern Arkansas on 10/25/2013 (temperatures shown were lows as of 700 am CDT).
In the picture: There was a freeze in northern Arkansas on 10/25/2013 (temperatures shown were lows as of 700 am CDT).

On the 25th, there was a freeze in northern Arkansas. Temperatures in the northern two to three rows of counties dropped into the mid 20s to lower 30s. Some of the colder readings included 26 degrees at Mammoth Spring (Fulton County), 27 degrees at Lead Hill (Boone County), and 28 degrees at Blytheville (Mississippi County) and Salem (Fulton County).


Forty eight hour rainfall through 100 am CDT on 11/01/2013.
In the picture: Forty eight hour rainfall through 100 am CDT on 11/01/2013.

Chilly air disappeared quickly as winds aloft switched from northerly (out of Canada) to southwest by the 29th. Yet another cold front arrived from the Plains on the 30th/31st, and the south got another round of heavy rain (two to more than four inches). But it could have been worse.


Forty Eight Hour Rainfall (through 700 am CDT on 11/01/2013)
Site Amount (Inches)
Lewisville (Lafayette Co) 4.14
Crossett (Ashley Co) 3.50
Kelso (Desha Co) 3.26
Bluff City (Nevada Co) 3.20
El Dorado (Union Co) 3.17
Felsenthal (Union Co) 3.16
Eudora (Chicot Co) 3.00
Portland (Ashley Co) 2.91
Rohwer (Desha Co) 2.87
Note: All locations are in southern Arkansas.


Rain was far heavier from central Texas to western Louisiana. Thunderstorms in these areas produced locally more than 10 inches of rain. Serious flooding was reported around Austin, TX. Hundred of homes were evacuated, with numerous water rescues performed.

Moisture tended to pool around these storms, with less moisture available for storms in Arkansas. That may explain why rain did not become excessive locally.


The event ended with a weak tornado (rated EF1) during the evening of the 31st. Structural damage was reported at Caraway (Craighead County), with debris blocking roads. It was the first tornado in the state since June 1st, and the 31st tornado of 2013. 

In the pictures: The WSR-88D (Doppler Weather Radar) picked up some rotation as a thunderstorm approached Caraway (Craighead County) at 734 pm CDT on 10/31/2013. At the same time, non-meteorological targets (possible damage debris) were detected (through dual polarization technology) around the area of rotation. A Tornado Warning was issued by the National Weather Service in Memphis, TN.


As October closed, monthly precipitation totals were more than an inch and a half on the plus side at Texarkana (Miller County), and at least an inch and a half subpar at Little Rock (Pulaski County) and West Memphis (Crittenden County).


Precipitation in October, 2013
Site Amount Normal +/- % of Normal
Fayetteville (NW AR) 5.55 4.33 +1.22 128%
Harrison (NC AR) 4.54 3.55 +0.99 128%
Jonesboro (NE AR) 4.86 4.26 +0.60 114%
Fort Smith (WC AR) 4.18 4.32 -0.14 97%
Little Rock (C AR) 3.31 4.91 -1.60 67%
West Memphis (EC AR) 2.57 4.21 -1.64 61%
Texarkana (SW AR) 6.49 4.93 +1.56 132%
El Dorado (SC AR) 5.98 5.19 +0.79 115%
Pine Bluff (SE AR) 3.94 5.00 -1.06 79%


For the second month in a row, Texarkana (Miller County) had surplus rain, and drought conditions in the south continued to improve. Local rainfall was below normal every month from February through August (seven months in a row).


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In the Tropics

There were three named storms in October. One storm was a carryover from September. This was Tropical Storm Jerry, with the system over the central Atlantic Ocean to begin the month. Jerry did not last long, and lost tropical characteristics over open water by October 3rd.

Tropical Storm Karen formed close to the Yucatan Peninsula on the 3rd and moved toward the north. As the system neared the Louisiana Gulf Coast on the 5th, there was weakening. Karen was gone before reaching land.

Like Jerry, Tropical Storm Lorenzo formed in the central Atlantic Ocean on the 21st. Lorenzo headed to the east before falling apart on the 23rd.


Additional October Details
For more details about October, 2013...go to the "Temperatures and Precipitation" section below.


Temperatures and Precipitation
Temperatures were pretty close to normal in October. Readings at North Little Rock are shown to right. September, 2013 Temperatures in North Little Rock


September, 2013 Precipitation in North Little Rock It was a dry month from central sections of the state into the northeast, and wet in parts of the Ouachita Mountains and the southeast. Elsewhere, most totals were within an inch of normal.


To right, a look at precipitation across the state. September, 2013 Precipitation in Arkansas


For a look at actual temperatures and precipitation in Arkansas as measured by the cooperative observer network, click here. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.