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Drought in Southern Arkansas
Not Much Rain Here, But Way Too Much in the Southeast U.S.
Initial Thoughts About This Winter
September, 2015 Storm Report/Other Reports
Drought concerns in southern Arkansas were amplified in September. It was close to the driest month ever at some locations, with beneficial rain mainly across the northern counties. The tropics became more active, but did not bring any moisture locally.
A Quick Look at 2015 (Through September)
Arkansas Legislators Meet at NWS Little Rock (09/21/2015)
Stoll Award Presented to Bismarck (Hot Spring County) Observer
Updated Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook
Severe Weather Categories
The Year 2014 (Local and National)
Launching Weather Balloons at the NWS
NWS Campaigns to Save Lives
Flash flooding and lightning are a thunderstorm's deadliest offspring. Educational information is provided to help people deal with these killers.
Travel Forecast
Going somewhere? Get a forecast from your National Weather Service for cities in Arkansas and across the nation.
Go Wireless for Anywhere/Anytime Weather Forecasts
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