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Submit a Storm Report
Fill out this form to send a severe or winter weather report to the National Weather Service in Little Rock.
Forecast Tools
Model data (i.e. graphical and alphanumeric) and soundings (i.e. temperature, dewpoint and wind profiles with height) used to make weather forecasts.
Monthly Storm Reports and Storm Data
Monthly storm reports are detailed summaries of significant weather in Arkansas, with graphics/photographs in each report. The Storm Data section features a collection of actual reports (i.e. damaging winds, large hail, tornadoes, etc.) as received by the National Weather Service. These reports are eventually published in "Storm Data".
NOAA Weather Radio
This is the voice of the National Weather Service, with weather information broadcast 24 hours a day/7 days a week. There are details about how to receive such a broadcast (i.e. via a special device), and where transmitters are located. A programming schedule is also available.
Severe & Winter Weather Guides
Helpful brochures designed to inform and educate you about hazardous severe and winter weather in Arkansas, how it develops, and what you can do to protect yourself when it threatens.
Historic Weather Events in Arkansas
A look at some of the most significant weather events since this website was born (i.e. 1996)...including the record breaking tornado year of 1999, the Ice Storms of December, 2000 and the March 1, 1997 tornado outbreak.
Meet the Staff
A look at the people proudly serving you at the National Weather Service in Little Rock, plus a description of what they do.
Wind Chill & Heat Index Charts
To help you track extreme weather conditions in Arkansas, a wind chill chart is available for Winter (i.e. for combined effects of cold temperatures and wind) with a heat index chart for Summer (i.e. for combined effects of hot temperatures and high humidity levels).
Sun/Moon Data
For those who are interested in sunrise/sunset times plus moon data, this site is available from the U.S. Naval Observatory.
Weather Calculator
If you would like to convert fahrenheit to celsius and back again, or would like to calculate relative humidity, heat index or wind chill...use this calculator.
List of Weather Web Sites
For those who are looking for other weather related sites (i.e. other than this one), here is a page that has numerous links. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.