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June, 2014 Storm Report
Short Weather Summary
Summer is supposed to feature heat and not much rain in Arkansas. That was not the case in June. Triple digit heat was non-existent. There were more storms than usual and plenty of rain, especially in eastern sections of the state. Unfortunately, increased storminess led to two tornadoes and three fatalities across the region.


Record Temperatures
There were no record high/low temperatures in June.


More Stormy Than Usual in June/Very Wet in the East

The month started with large clusters of thunderstorms heading into Arkansas from the Plains. The first round of storms arrived during the morning of the 5th, and tracked through the northern counties. Strong to damaging winds downed trees and power lines from Mountain Home (Baxter County) southeast toward Batesville (Independence County) and Jonesboro (Craighead County). The storms were responsible for at least 30,000 power outages.

Unfortunately, there were two fatalities reported. A tree fell on a van at Black Rock (Lawrence County) and trapped people inside. One person was killed. At Jonesboro (Craighead County), a tree hit a house and killed the occupant.


After a brief lull, round two followed on the 6th. This time, the target area was the central third of the state.
In the pictures: The satellite showed storms advancing quickly eastward through Arkansas from 930 am to 330 pm CDT on 06/06/2014.


Much like round one, the story was the wind. Gusts exceeded 60 mph from Mena (Polk County) to Little Rock (Pulaski County). Trees were toppled and there were more power failures.

At Beaverfork Lake (Faulkner County), a boat capsized as thunderstorm winds increased. A fisherman was thrown into the water and drowned.

On the north side of Batesville (Independence County), a brief tornado was spawned (rated EF1). Several businesses had mainly roof damage, with some exterior wall damage at a flooring company. Cars were piled up in a parking lot at a child care center. A couple of people were injured.



South of Beedeville (Jackson County), another tornado (EF1) tornado was identified. The tornado destroyed an old airport hangar and ripped apart a shop building. Pieces of the building were spread across adjacent farm fields for up to a quarter mile.

An incoming storm system triggered more severe weather on the 12th. This time, reports of wind damage and hail were more spotty, and were mainly confined to the southeast half of the state. Rain was heavy in places (locally more than two inches), especially across southern Jackson, northern Woodruff, western Poinsett, western Cross and southern Calhoun Counties (parts of northeast and southern Arkansas).


High pressure ("H") was anchored over the southeast United States at 100 am CDT on 06/19/2014.
In the picture: High pressure ("H") was anchored over the southeast United States at 100 am CDT on 06/19/2014. The high kept the main flow aloft to the north and west of the region, with storm systems ("L") and rain forced to go around the high.

By the middle of June, rain became isolated/spotty around here. A ridge of high pressure built over the southeast United States, and kept much of region warm and dry. Temperatures were near or slightly above normal. It was far from oppressive, with afternoon readings generally staying below 95 degrees.


95 Degree Days in June
Site 2014 Avg Since 2010
Fayetteville (NW AR) 0 1.8
Harrison (NC AR) 0 2.4
Jonesboro (NE AR) 0 10.2
Fort Smith (WC AR) 1 12.4
Little Rock (C AR) 0 9.6
West Memphis (EC AR) 0 6.0
Texarkana (SW AR) 0 10.4
El Dorado (SC AR) 0 10.6
Pine Bluff (SE AR) 0 9.4


Meanwhile, heavy rain shifted to the north and west away from the high. By the end of June, 13.70 inches was collected at Sioux Falls, SD. This was the wettest month on record locally (shattering the previous record of 9.42 inches set in May, 1898). The wettest month distinction also applied to Sioux City, IA, with 16.65 inches tallied (surpassing the 11.78 inches that fell in May, 1903).


The WSR-88D (Doppler Weather Radar) showed heavy rain lasting for several hours across portions of eastern Arkansas early on 06/29/2014.
357 am CDT   |  458 am CDT  |  600 am CDT
658 am CDT   |  757 am CDT
In the pictures: The WSR-88D (Doppler Weather Radar) showed heavy rain lasting for several hours across portions of eastern Arkansas early on 06/29/2014.

Closer to home, by far the biggest episode unfolded early on the 29th. There was a gully washer in parts of eastern Arkansas, with over 6 inches of rain in a few hours in places.


A field was turned into a lake at McCrory (Woodruff County) on 06/29/2014.
Before Rain   |  After Rain
In the pictures: A field was turned into a lake at McCrory (Woodruff County) on 06/29/2014. The photos are courtesy of LeAnne Gaddy via Twitter.

Rising water led to evacuations of homes, especially in Crittenden, Monroe, St. Francis and Woodruff Counties. Main thoroughfares were blocked by water and closed, including U.S. Highway 49. The Cache River at Patterson (Woodruff County) swelled to over 11 feet (flood stage is 8 feet), and this flooded thousands of acres of farmland. A Flash Flood Emergency was issued by the National Weather Service in and around Memphis, TN.


Federal Disaster Declaration

Federal disaster declarations were made in ten (10) counties mainly due to excessive rain and widespread flooding. This included Cross, Independence, Jackson, Lee, Lonoke, Monroe, Prairie, St. Francis, White and Woodruff Counties.


Twenty four hour rainfall through 700 am CDT on 06/29/2014.
In the picture: Twenty four hour rainfall through 700 am CDT on 06/29/2014.

In the twenty four hours ending at 700 am CDT on the 29th, Little Dixie (Woodruff County) got a staggering 10.32 inches of precipitation! At Howell (Wooodruff County), 9.66 inches fell, with 7.45 inches at McCrory (Woodruff County), 7.10 inches at Georgetown (White County), 6.60 inches at Madison (St. Francis County), 5.34 inches at Oil Trough (Independence County) and 4.75 inches at Des Arc (Prairie County).

A 24-hour rainfall record was snapped at Augusta (Woodruff County), with 7.50 inches edging the previous record of 7.30 inches on November 19, 1988.   

As June closed, there was more than a foot of rain in the east, including 12.08 inches at West Memphis (Crittenden County). It was the wettest June on record at North Little Rock (Pulaski County) and Searcy (White County), with 7.58 inches and 10.25 inches respectively.  


Precipitation in June, 2014
Site Amount Normal +/- % of Normal
Fayetteville (NW AR) 4.10 4.98 -0.88 82%
Harrison (NC AR) 4.88 4.24 +0.64 115%
Jonesboro (NE AR) 8.84 3.75 +5.09 236%
Fort Smith (WC AR) 4.45 4.28 +0.17 104%
Little Rock (C AR) 5.45 3.65 +1.80 149%
West Memphis (EC AR) 12.08 4.15 +7.93 291%
Texarkana (SW AR) 4.61 4.45 +0.16 104%
El Dorado (SC AR) 3.05 4.90 -1.85 62%
Pine Bluff (SE AR) 3.35 3.58 -0.23 94%


It was not so wet in the south and west. In fact, El Dorado (Union County) and Pine Bluff (Jefferson County) got less than four inches.


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In the Tropics

There were no named storms in June.


Additional June Details
For more details about June, 2014...go to the "Temperatures and Precipitation" section below.


Temperatures and Precipitation
Temperatures were close to normal in June. Readings at North Little Rock (Pulaski County) are shown to right. June, 2014 Temperatures in North Little Rock


June, 2014 Precipitation in North Little Rock Precipitation was above to well above normal in most areas, and below normal in portions of the south/west. Amounts at North Little Rock (Pulaski County) are shown to left.


To right, a look at precipitation across the state. May, 2014 Precipitation in Arkansas


For a look at actual temperatures and precipitation in Arkansas as measured by the cooperative observer network, click here. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.